Jan 4, 2022
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Pavel Tabakov himself shared a picture of his illegitimate daughter for the first time


26-year-old actor Pavel Tabakov first showed his daughter, whom he previously hid from the public.

Several months ago it became known that the son of Oleg Tabakov and Marina Zudina Pavel has a daughter, whom his former lover Sofya Sinitsyna gave birth to. Moreover, the heir to the legendary actor for a long time hid the appearance of the baby, who was named Mia, not only from the general public, but also from his own mother. Actually, Marina just reported on social networks about the replenishment that happened in their family.

At the same time, Pavel is not married to the child’s mother, moreover, he broke up with her even before his daughter was born. But this did not prevent him from recognizing the heiress and providing her with material assistance. It is known that Tabakov Jr. rents Sophia and the baby an apartment in a prestigious area, communicates with the girl, although he does not advertise it.

It was only on the first day of the new year that he first posted on his Instagram a photo of his daughter with a touching inscription: “Happy New Year, my little man!

Son of Pavel Tabakov
Daughter of Pavel Tabakov

It seems that Pavel Tabakov, with some delay, woke up paternal feelings. Fans noted the similarity of the child with famous relatives.

How she looks like my grandfather ”,“ Rather like my grandmother’s nose ”,“ A copy of your dad, Oleg Pavlovich! ”,“ The new creative generation of the Tabakovs is resting ”,“ Pavel, what a lovely photo! Thank you for posting “,” You make me cry, but only from happiness“, – the fans were moved by the picture of the sleeping baby.

Not without criticism. Pavel was reminded that he never married the child’s mother and they began to reproach him and Marina Zudina for selfishness. “I could buy an apartment with my mother. Could provide a granddaughter and daughter. She rents in someone else’s apartment … She probably thinks, like her son, only about herself, ”one of the subscribers is indignant.

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