Apr 19, 2021
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Pavel Priluchny went to a culinary master class with children from Agatha Muceniece

14:18, 04/19/2021

The actor shared a video where he spends time with his son and daughter.

2 weeks ago, 32-year-old Agata Muceniece flew to the Maldives for a vacation. This was the first time that the actress did not take with her two children from her ex-spouse Pavel Priluchny. Immediately after Muceniece went to the tropical islands, Pavel Priluchny posted on his Instagram microblog how he and his children spend time together. The star of the TV show “Major” published a video in the Stories section of how he prepared a delicious dinner for his children, and a few days later the actor decided to take his son and daughter to Sochi. Yesterday Pavel Priluchny also decided to please his children and took them to a certain quest, where his daughter and son tried themselves in various professions. In his microblog on Instagram in the Stories section, you can watch several videos from a veterinary clinic, where his children were doctors, as well as from a culinary master class, where Mia and Timofey learned to cook and roll out dough.

Shot from Stories of Pavel Priluchny

It is worth noting that after the divorce of Priluchny and Muceniece, which officially took place in June 2020, the children of the ex-spouses stayed with their mother. Agatha regularly shows in her microblog on Instagram how she spends time with Mia and Timofey, and her fans and celebrity friends constantly write compliments to her that she is a good mother, who also manages to pursue a career and earn good money. Recently, the actress complained that her children began to swear constantly. According to the star, her daughter and son want to share everything every day, which is why they have misunderstandings. They also complain about each other and compete all the time. For example, a star mom cannot buy different clothes for children and buys the same, because otherwise the children start to quarrel.

Recall that after parting with her husband Pavel Priluchny, with whom Mutseniece was married for eight years, the actress was immediately able to quickly establish her life and provide herself with a decent income. So, after the separation of the stars, the author’s YouTube show of the actress came out, where Agatha invites her colleagues and has a conversation with them about their unsuccessful relationship. In addition, the celebrity is the host of the show “Voice. Children”. Note that one of Muceniece’s colleagues in mid-March said that the artist can afford expensive purchases, such as the new Mercedes SUV. However, according to the same person, the actress had a wealthy lover who gave her the same car.

Pavel Priluchny and Agata Muceniece with children

It is noteworthy that almost immediately after the divorce from Muceniece, Pavel Priluchny started a new romance. The actor’s chosen one was Miroslava Karpovich, who recently announced that she did not want to associate her life with the actor. Since the summer, the couple’s relationship has been constantly overgrown with all kinds of rumors, and information appears in the media every now and then that the star of “Daddy’s Daughters” lives in Pavel’s house, and that he has already proposed to her. The artist himself still does not confirm their affair with Karpovich.

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