Sep 8, 2022
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Pavel Priluchny was accused of betraying Karpovich


Actor Pavel Priluchny had an affair with Miroslava Karpovich for a long time.

The wedding of the artist and Zepyur Brutyan has become one of the brightest star events of this year. Many thought that the Major star would tie the knot with Miroslava Karpovich. But he led another down the aisle.

After breaking up with Agatha Muceniece, Pavel Priluchny, unexpectedly for everyone, got along with the star of the series “Daddy’s Daughters” Miroslava Karpovich. Then there were rumors that the girl had been pushing wedges to the actor for a long time and almost became the reason for the breakup of the family.

Pavel really often appeared with Miroslava, even introduced the children to her. Now Priluchny says that they have never been a couple – they say, these are all the machinations of journalists. In an interview with Nadezhda Sagittarius, the Major star spoke warmly about his former passion, but nothing more.

Pavel Priluchny - photo from the archive -
Pavel Priluchny – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

This surprised the psychologist Veronika Stepanova, who analyzed his actions and was surprised at how the famous actor behaved.

You say Mira saved you, helped you, why didn’t you marry her? He married an Armenian girl, but not Mir. What’s the matter? So, she was able to defend her interests, or does she have some benefits? Finances, dad, maybe some cool guy? Is Mira more modest?“- asks the specialist.

Stepanova does not hide the fact that people of Priluchny’s psychotype quickly switch their attention from one woman to another. Passion, energy, emotions are important for them. And so it happened with Miroslava, who was left with nothing. “This is a switch of attention, he forgets women with lightning speed“, says the psychologist.

Veronica was also surprised by Pavel’s words that his children admire Zepyur Brutyan. In her opinion, Pavel’s ex-wife Agatha Muceniece is unpleasant to hear this, like any woman.

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