May 28, 2022
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Pavel Priluchny showed an engagement ring


Actor Pavel Priluchny stubbornly wants to prove that he married an Armenian actress.

Pavel Priluchny flew on vacation with 26-year-old Zepyur Brutyan, and now he is actively intriguing fans with hints of a romantic relationship. Recently, rumors have been circulating that the couple even managed to get married. But they were suspected of having an affair last year.

Last winter, Zepyur Brutyan shared a frame in which Priluchny gently kisses her on the cheek. The fans decided that the actress was simply announcing the new season of the series “In a Cage”, because everyone knew that Pavel was in a relationship with Miroslava Karpovich.

Pavel Priluchny and Zepyur Brutyan
Pavel Priluchny and Zepyur Brutyan

However, now the public has more and more suspicions: the partners in the TV project have not only a professional union. The other day, the couple flew abroad on vacation, from where they actively publish joint photos.

Today Zepyur shot a video in which Priluchny even shines a ring on his cherished finger. Netizens are wondering: do the actors really spend their honeymoon?

Pavel Priluchny shows a wedding ring
Pavel Priluchny shows a wedding ring

They say that the lovers have already managed to register a marriage. The ceremony allegedly took place on May 12, the artists were even filmed in one of the jewelry stores buying wedding rings. On the hand of 26-year-old Zepyur, you can also see the decoration on the ring finger.

Fans are still skeptical about the actor’s new affair. Indeed, with Miroslava Karpovich, the star stubbornly did not share joint photos and even refused such pictures at social events. There is a version that Priluchny and Brutyan are simply desperately trying to raise the rating of the series “In a Cage”, in which both play.

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