Dec 28, 2020
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Pavel Priluchny shaved his head for a role in a new project

14:43, 27.12.

The artist showed how he prepares for filming.

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Pavel Priluchny by the age of 33 managed to take place as a theater and film actor. However, the artist does not plan to stop there. It is already known that at least four films with the participation of Pavel will be released in 2021. Now the actor is filming another project, the details of which have not yet been disclosed. In his microblog on Instagram, Priluchny only showed a video from the dressing room. To make it easier for stylists to do his hair, the actor was not afraid to shave his head baldly.

Note that not all the shooting of Pavel Priluchny goes smoothly. For example, in November of this year, the artist was injured during a fight in Kaliningrad he came to town to work on the series “In a Cage”. According to one version, Pavel had a fight with the owner of a nightclub, where he examined locations for future filming. After the conflict, Priluchny received injuries to his face and head, but he turned to doctors only after arriving in Moscow. It was impossible to do without the operation, since the actor had a dislocated jaw and a displacement of the zygomatic bone.

Pavel Priluchny shaved his head for a role in a new project

It is known that at the end of December, a criminal case was opened in connection with what happened in a Kaliningrad nightclub, and Pavel’s offender could face up to three years in prison. Note that the owner of the night club “Zavod” Vladimir Semenov wrote a confession. He said that an acquaintance called him that night and said that he wanted to come to the club with Priluchny.

Pavel Priluchny, who arrived, according to Vladimir Semyonov, was drunk, but behaved friendly. The artist asked the management of the nightclub to turn off video surveillance, and when he was refused, he asked the owner to show him the second floor where the martial arts hall is located, but there are no cameras. After the company got up, Priluchny asked Semyonov to arrange a sparring match. The owner of the nightclub refused, then Pavel hit first. Vladimir struck back then the actor was injured.

Pavel Priluchny with children

Pavel Priluchny refutes the words of the club owner. According to the artist, the businessman is trying to save his reputation with his story. “True, I am not ready every time to comment on strange information about myself and the current not very pleasant situation, which, I remind you, is now being dealt with by the relevant authorities – on the basis of reliable information, medical examinations and the like, which, in turn, will make an objective decision within the framework of the legislation … In general, seriously. But the desire of a person to save his reputation and freedom at any cost, even so paradoxical – distorting the facts through the yellow press, – probably, you can understand, ”commented Pavel Priluchny.

Note that during the hospitalization, Miroslava Karpovich was next to Pavel Priluchny. It is believed that the lovers have been together for about six months, although they have not officially confirmed their romance. At the same time, rumors about the artist’s infidelity appear in the media every now and then. For example, the other day I saw a star from bars in Moscow next to another girl. Before that, journalists wrote about the secret connection between the actor and his colleague Zepyur Brutyan.

Pavel Priluchny in an exclusive video interview for “Around TV”

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