Sep 13, 2020
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Pavel Priluchny moved to a new house with his beloved Miroslava Karpovich

15:49, 09/13/2020

The actors settled in a four-story mansion with a swimming pool.

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In June, Pavel Priluchny was noticed in the company of the star of "Daddy's Daughters" Miroslava Karpovich. Almost immediately there were rumors that the actors were dating. In July, Pavle, together with the children from Agatha Muceniece, went on vacation to the Crimea. Miroslava went with them. Shots from the couple's vacation instantly scattered on the Web, and no one had any doubts that Priluchny had an affair with Karpovich.

It is worth noting that after the return of the actors to Moscow, a number of media outlets disseminated information that Miroslava moved to Pavel's country house, in which he had previously lived with Agata Muceniece and their children. Sources referring to the neighbors of the actor said that the star of "Daddy's Daughters" immediately after the move began to behave like a mistress. True, the lovers themselves did not comment on this information in any way.

Pavel Priluchny and Agatha Muceniece

Today it became known that Priluchny and Karpovich had moved to a new house. Allegedly because of this, the actor missed "Kinotavr", which he attended every year. “Pavel has no time for Kinotavr now. He has just moved into a new 4-storey house with a swimming pool, but almost without furniture, ”a colleague of the actor told reporters. Note that the new house of Priluchny is located near the village of Trouville, where he previously lived with Muceniece and children. It is known that Paul decided to take such a step because of his new passion, which did not like living in his old house. By the way, Pavel and Agatha bought that mansion for 180 million rubles. It is noteworthy that that dwelling is still pledged. According to "KP", Priluchny still has to pay off a loan of about 70 million rubles.

We add that Miroslava Karpovich was also supposed to appear at the Kinotavr festival. However, due to the move, the star of "Daddy's Daughters" had to refuse to attend the event, and also to postpone one of his performances. It is also interesting that Priluchny is now waiting for the test result for coronavirus. According to a friend of the actor, Pavel suspects that he could have contracted a Chinese infection. Allegedly for this reason, he was forced to postpone the shooting of the continuation of the series "In a Cage".

It is rumored that it was Pavel who decided to move to a new house because of his beloved Miroslava Karpovich

Recall that a week ago, another release of the YouTube show "Honest Divorce" by Agatha Muceniece was released, the guest of which was Ksenia Sobchak. During the conversation, the ex-wife of Pavel Priluchny admitted that it was the journalist who inspired her to divorce, who broke up with Maxim Vitorgan in 2019 after six years of marriage. “For me, you served as an inspiration not to be afraid to go against people. They still write to me: "Agatha, you and Pasha will be together!" It was very important for me not to be afraid to show the public that I can get a divorce, to show the public that our family is not ideal. And you existed as an inspiration for me, because you so firmly met everything that poured on you, naturally, after what happened, "Agata Muceniece admitted.

Pavel Priluchny and Agata Muceniece with children

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