Sep 13, 2022
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Pavel Priluchny got rid of Miroslava Karpovich


Actor Pavel Priluchny breaks ties with the past.

The artist decided to break all ties with Miroslava Karpovich, with whom he was very close after breaking up with Agatha Muceniece. The star of “Daddy’s Daughters” was even accused of the collapse of the artist’s marriage, claiming that she got along with a colleague before his divorce, when they played together in the play “Cosmetics of the Enemy”. All the two years that Karpovich was called a homeowner, Priluchny was silent and only after the wedding with Zepyur Brutyan admitted that he had no affair with Miroslava. Moreover, he set out to finally say goodbye to the actress, finding her a replacement in the very enterprise that supposedly brought them together.

After a rather long break, the production is again planned to be shown to the audience. It has already been announced that on October 14th “Cosmetics of the Enemy” can be seen in Arzamas, on the 16th – in Nizhny Novgorod, and on December 5th – in Krasnodar. However, Karpovich will not go on tour with Priluchny, but it is not yet known who will take her place.

Pavel Priluchny - photo from the archive -
Pavel Priluchny – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

According to the director of the performance Alexander Barshak, so far it is not about Miroslava’s dismissal, but only about creating a second cast. According to him, this was practiced in the production before, but there were no examples of performances in which Pavel would play passionate scenes with another actress.

We are currently working on a second line-up. Mira used to work like this before – with substitutions. But the main character, played by Priluchny, is not planned to have a “changer””, he clarified in an interview with StarHit.

Recall that the story of Karpovich repeats exactly what happened to Muceniece in his time. As soon as the actress divorced Priluchny, she was immediately removed from their two joint projects – the play “Unwilling Adventurers” and the series “In a Cage”.

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