Sep 8, 2022
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Pavel Priluchny fell in love with his wife without memory


Actor Pavel Priluchny spoke about meeting his future wife.

The artist and Zepyur Brutyan legalized relations in May, and the wedding was played in August. After a magnificent celebration, the actor frankly spoke about his beloved. Now the star of the series “In a Cage” herself spoke about a high-profile romance.

26-year-old Zepyur Brutyan commented on the relationship with the artist for the first time. At first, the girl treated Pavel as a friend, but the meeting at the mall changed everything. “We had a normal working relationship. And then everything happened very quickly”, she noted.

Priluchny was so drawn to his colleague that he immediately proposed to her. “In March of this year, Zepyur and I ran into each other by chance and never parted again. Three days later I proposed to her.“, Pavel stated.

Pavel Priluchny with his wife
Pavel Priluchny with his wife

Brutyan calmly reacted to Priluchny’s impulse. True, at some point the behavior of the artist still confused the girl. “Pasha told me: “I have been looking for someone like you for a long time.” And he proposed to marry him. Of course, I was pleased to hear these words from the person I liked, but I didn’t take it seriously,” Zepyur admitted. – And Pasha was determined, and for several days we went together to my parents“.

For Zepyur, marriage with Pavel was the first in a row. But the movie star was previously married to Agatha Muceniece, who bore him two children.

I didn’t plan on getting married at all. But when I met Zepyur, I immediately realized that this is absolutely my person: in terms of mentality, character, and life values. To be honest, on the first day I was ready to propose to her, but decided to wait another two days. And when he came to her parents, he was already a thousand percent sure that everything was serious”, – said the 34-year-old Priluchny “HELLO!”.

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