Jan 4, 2022
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Pavel Priluchny bought an apartment for his son


Actor Pavel Priluchny took care of his son in advance.

A difficult divorce did not affect the artist’s communication with children. Pavel Priluchny is ready for a lot for the sake of his son and daughter and is already thinking about the future of the heirs.

When Muceniece and Priluchny divorced, their children Timofey and Mia stayed with their mother. Some time after parting, the artists managed to find a common language and establish contact so that the heirs did not forget about the dad. Pavel often takes his son and daughter to his place, takes them on vacation and spends holidays with them.

The 34-year-old actor also helps the family financially: he pays monthly alimony of 100 thousand rubles per child, and also thinks about the future of his offspring. So, more recently, the star of the TV series “Major” bought Timofey an apartment in which he will live when he grows up. True, when searching for and buying real estate, the artist ran into some difficulties.

I really liked one apartment: the top floor, panoramic windows, high ceilings, but I didn’t have enough money, and I’m not ready to take out a mortgage, because I only paid for one. – says Pavel. – I decided to look for another apartment. A week has passed, I sit and think: “Why doesn’t it turn out the way I want? Why difficulties again? I’m not trying for myself, but for my son!

Pavel Priluchny
Pavel Priluchny

However, at the most critical moment, a representative of the residential complex called Priluchny and made him a personal bonus offer. “At first I thought that someone was playing a trick on me! The most amazing thing is that this discount was just enough for me to be able to afford to buy this apartment for Timofey. How can you not believe in miracles after that?“- the artist shared his extraordinary story with Hellomagazine.

Almost two years have passed since Agatha and Pavel divorced. The artists announced their divorce in February 2020, and the divorce proceedings ended in June. After parting, Muceniece moved with her children to a Moscow apartment. Priluchny was left with a country house. It is not known what he did with this property, whether he lives with his new lover Miroslava Karpovich or decided to sell the mansion.

The actors dispersed hard: Agatha accused her husband of assault and alcohol abuse. Then many of his friends stood up to protect the artist, someone took the side of his ex-wife. But no matter what happened between the couple, after a while they managed to resolve all conflicts and let go of the grievances.

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