Dec 29, 2020
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Pavel Globa’s horoscope for 2021

Pavel Globa's horoscope for 2021

The year 2021 of the Ox is coming. No one knows what actually awaits us in the future, but we can always learn some useful information from astrologers – for example, from Pavel Globa.

This year will not be easy for the representatives of the kindest Zodiac Signs. It is believed that in the year of the Ox one should act actively, defiantly and uncompromisingly, but this is not always so. There will be countless trials for kind people, but the stars will give them good luck and make their lives more important, so that you should not go over to the “dark side”.

In these twelve months, Aries will face countless difficulties, troubles and problems, having passed through which they can become more important. This will be a difficult year in which Aries will be able to achieve their goals – both the main ones and so minor ones. To speed up this process, you can use an effective lust-fulfillment ritual. It is very dignified to believe that all deeds are not useless. Every step is necessary – even the one we take back. Sometimes, without this, we cannot look at our life from the outside and understand our mistakes and shortcomings.

For Taurus, the most suitable months are January, March, April, November and December. At this time, you can use newly-made ways of predicting fate, make large purchases, meet new people. The energy of the night sparkles will be as convenient as possible at this time. Only the end of summer will be difficult. The rest of the time, you need to act, set yourself new targets, solve problems. In general, 2021 may be intense, but Taurus will be able to solve all the troubles. You just need a little patience.

The Amorous sphere for Gemini will become the most basic, at least in the beginning and half of the year. From the end of summer, you can change your priorities for work and business – your other half will not mind this. On the contrary, the idolized person will strongly encourage the development of Gemini. Someone will even be able to throw up entertaining ideas that are worth paying close attention to. Effective whispers of love will help speed up the search, and will also help smooth out the sophisticated corners of a house with an already existing other half. The ideal times for joint breaks and relaxation are September and October.

The financial sphere and labor will come to the initial plan for Cancers. In 2021, stars and planets will be in a very safe position to buy and sell important pieces. You can make an exchange, take something on credit or for temporary use. The most important thing is not to forget about work and business. We must act as actively as possible, without trepidation or doubt. During these twelve months, it is dignified to follow five simple principles of increasing wealth. It must be remembered that the most important thing for huge earnings and successful work is attitude.

Lions are expected to face many difficulties and problems at all frontiers. This means that at the beginning of the year you will have to pull yourself together and act. One must be wary of any risks and rash decisions, taking everything that happens wisely and boldly. Yeah, you will have to accept defeats from time to time, but starting from April-May, Lviv will face global changes on all fronts. Plots from trouble will help Palestine go around many troubles. In love, Leo will be able to find or strengthen existing relationships. In the financial sector, tremendous victories await them in the summer and autumn. These people will be able to find or change jobs, to promote new ideas.

Virgos in 2021 will have great success with the opposite hollow body. They will need to do everything possible so that their other half is not jealous. As for the lonely representatives of this Sign, they will have countless new opportunities on this front. She will be able to make a great positive impression on anyone. They will also have great financial success in these twelve months. Virgos will be able to find their purpose. The advice of numerologists can provide significant help in this regard. The people of this Sign will have a very productive time.

The Amorous Orb will come to the fore. Libras should be used with effective rituals for love, which will be useful for both free and for those in a relationship or married people. The stars are on the side of the representatives of this Sign – they will make them stronger and wiser. Night sparkles will sharpen the sixth sense of Libra, help them gain self-confidence and faith in the best. This means that people of this Sign will be able to succeed in the financial sphere. To do this, they should make purchases more frugally, avoiding unnecessary expenses in winter and late summer.

Scorpios should be wary of unpleasant and toxic people, energy vampires. All these people will infect them with negativity and stuff them with doubts. Some will try to manipulate them, which is even worse. Ideal Scorpios in 2021 are independent, self-sufficient, mentally large. It is impossible to deny your dream, even if someone said that it is impossible to realize it. Purposeful people of this Sign will be able to prove to themselves and those around them that miracles happen. It is harmless to avoid selfishness and excessive narcissism. These are two powerful anchors pulling down the valley.

Already at the beginning of winter, Sagittarius will begin to come up with new entertaining ideas. As if they can devote more time to setting the right tasks, assessing their capabilities. In 2021, the stars and planets are strongly discouraged from wasting time and energy. Previously, experts said that it is true to make lust. This will also be healthy in the Year of the Ox. Successful prioritization will form the basis of success for Sagittarius. To avoid fatigue and reduced productivity, these people need to plan more meticulously.

Capricorns may expect antipathy encounters with toxic people in 2021. It is necessary to remember about practical tips for dealing with energy ghouls. Such people will block luck and get in the way of achieving rounder. Also, because of them, plans can collapse, a creative attitude can be lost. Capricorn creativity will remain deep if they act on their own. Others’ advice can drive these people into a corner. In the sphere of love, the most important qualities will be sincerity, openness, and friendliness.

Aquarians are on the list of the most conflicted and rude Signs of the Zodiac. This is really so, because sometimes they cannot control their emotions. A great advantage for these people is the ability to calm down smartly. In 2021, you shouldn’t hide your grievances. It is necessary to talk openly with close people and friends about everything that you don’t like. The Year of the Ox will be the starting point for a new, clear future. It took a year perfect for parting with unnecessary things. It is also worth paying more attention to health by playing sports and fighting harmful mods.

Pisces in 2021 will be more lucky if they actively travel and be in motion. It’s not just about traveling, but also about walking. Carnal activity will help preserve and increase good luck in all areas of life. The hardest parts of the year will be late spring and late summer. During these periods, it is worth using the signs of a prosperous day in order to be positive in the morning: this will help to avoid troubles, problems, outbursts of anger and insecurity. This year Pisces can significantly change their lives for the better.

The advice of oriental experts will be very healthy. In the Year of the Ox, it is worth doing the cleaning according to the rules of feng shui, in order to attract renewal and good luck into your life. Pavel Globa advises not to lose heart. Even if the whole world is against you, this does not negate the fact that you are able to achieve any rounder.

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