Jan 23, 2021
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Pavel Derevyanko was published with a new lover a month after parting with his common-law wife

13:40, 23.01.2021

The actor did not hide his chosen one.

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44-year-old Pavel Derevyanko in December last year broke up with his beloved Daria Myasishcheva… The actor and the lawyer were together for ten years and raised two daughters: ten-year-old Varvara and six-year-old Sasha. The artist spoke about the breakup with his common-law wife at the premiere of the film “Silver Skates”, where he appeared alone.

Pavel and Daria later released a joint video in which they announced that they broke up on good terms. “We still love each other, we still respect each other. We bring up children, we are partners, we are friends. It’s just that we’re really not a couple, “said former lovers. At the same time, they noted that third parties were not the reason for their breakup. “Nobody went to anyone, please don’t worry. No one found the young, no one ran away to where, “Pavel and Daria convinced the public.

Pavel Derevyanko and Daria Myasishcheva

However, Derevyanko’s loneliness did not last long. On January 22, the 19th solemn ceremony of presenting the national cinematographic prize “Golden Eagle” took place, to which the actor has come more than one. The artist appeared on the red carpet in the company of a new girl. Pavel introduced his companion and said that her name was Alena Ivanova and she is his beloved. Derevianko did not hide the chosen one and showed in his Stories a video from the audience of the award with his beloved.

Pavel Derevyanko and Alena Ivanova

It is known that Pavel’s new beloved is professionally engaged in ballroom dancing and is the world champion. In her free time, Alena tries her hand at being a model. When and under what circumstances their acquaintance with the actor took place is still unknown. At the same time, over the past month, almost all of Ivanova’s photos can be found in Derevianko’s comments.

Alena Ivanova

Note that in his relationship with Daria, the actor preferred to be free. The future lovers met many years ago and were initially just friends. At that time, both were not free, but at the same time they felt sympathy for each other. After parting with their former lovers, Daria and Pavel began an affair. In 2010, their first daughter was born. But even the birth of a girl did not change the format of their romance: they continued to meet other people. And only after the birth of their second daughter in 2014, Derevianko and Myasishcheva decided to become a full-fledged family. “We didn’t have wild love and then recession. Somehow everything started calmly here, in no way, by accident, and then it flared up, ”- said Derevianko in an interview for Yuri Dud’s YouTube show.

Pavel Derevyanko and Daria Myasishcheva with their daughters

Recall that Pavel was born in Taganrog. After completing the first course of GITIS, he was suspended for one year in the case of the acquisition, storage and transportation of prohibited drugs. The actor said that at that time his fellow students stood up for him, so he was not expelled from the university. When he was in his sophomore year, director Alexander Kott noticed him and invited him to the main film in his film Two Chauffeurs Rode. Derevianko is known for his roles in films and TV shows. He starred in the series The Great and House Arrest.

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