Jan 9, 2022
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Pavel Derevyanko has fun with his ex


Actor Pavel Derevyanko went on vacation with his ex-wife.

The artist shared with the fans a joint picture with Daria Myasishcheva, with whom he had been in a relationship for more than ten years. True, he immediately justified himself why he was spending time with her.

The actor updated his social media page to wish fans a Merry Christmas and talk about everyday life. “We sincerely congratulate each of you on a Merry Christmas! A wonderful day today! ” – said Derevianko.

And he signed the photo with his former beloved and two daughters so that no one would think about the possible reconciliation of the couple: “I repeat once again that we do not live with Dasha, but we are very friendly and bring up our two beautiful daughters. Each of us has our own personal life. We are dear people to each other. As you can see, we take a break from working days in Thailand together.“.

Pavel Derevyanko with his family
Pavel Derevyanko with his family

I ask you not to speculate on your other visions. Everything is exactly as I say, no more and no less. Girls, do not write that Daria has sad eyes, she is absolutely happy and self-sufficient. Thank you“, – he added.

The subscribers, to whom the 45-year-old artist addressed, immediately replied that they were glad of the warm relationship between him and Daria. Some even call them high.

You are not obliged to report to us what is happening in your life. You owe your children and yourself to be happy and this is the main thing ”; “Happy Holidays. Thanks for the positive. Paul, don’t make excuses, you won’t please everyone. The main thing in your family is mutual understanding, love for children. Happy New Year!“- fans write in social networks.

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