Apr 2, 2021
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Pavel Bure: “After finishing my career, I got freedom”

Pavel Bure: “After finishing my career, I got freedom”

March 31st is a big day for all Russian sports. The famous hockey player Pavel Bure and the former NHL star, whom the whole world knows as the Russian Rocket, turned 50. On the eve of his birthday, Bure gave a great interview …


– Pavel Vladimirovich, how will you celebrate your birthday?

– This time, due to the pandemic, I will meet him in a very narrow circle. I will only be with my family – three children, mother, mother-in-law, all the closest relatives.

– Does your son Pal Palych already play hockey?

– Yes, he is eight years old, but for the fourth season he has been studying at CSKA school, participating in friendly tournaments. Small still, but trying very hard. I am glad that a person has a goal. He works hard to achieve his dreams.

You don’t need to force Pasha. He himself knows that he has to go to training. Already at the age of five I went alone to the training camp. It is clear that there were coaches with him. But I think the son has gained a lot of experience. You have to get used to, adapt, communicate with the guys and mentors, take care of yourself. All this will definitely help in life.

In general, children now train twice a day. In my time, this was not the case. We started later and practiced three times a week. But it is already difficult to compare, 45 years ago everything was different. And the speed in hockey has increased, and the technology has changed.

– Are you suggesting to the coach to cook his son better?

– What for? Pasha studies at CSKA, traditionally the best school in the USSR and Russia. Perhaps in the world. There are very qualified trainers, and you don’t need to get involved in their work. There people are great pros.

– And what does your daughter Palina do?

– He goes to kindergarten, to different circles. Music, dancing, gymnastics – all sorts of girly things. There is also physical education in the kindergarten. It will be up to itself to decide whether to go to sports.

– Why did you name the child not Polina, but unusually – through “a”?

– Why is Polina spelled with “o”, although we pronounce it with “a”? And who said that you need to write through the “o”? In my family this is how it is heard and written.

Here, according to grammar, it was coffee – masculine, “it’s mine.” But everyone said, “Give me one coffee.” Now they have changed it – you can do it this way and that way. Therefore, there is no surprise at the name of the daughter.

And we came up with this name, because I am Pavel, and my wife is Alina. And we knew in advance that if there is a daughter, we will call her that.


– Have you abandoned your Instagram?

– And I myself have never dealt with it. I understand this is modern. But I have such a way of life, I don’t need people to know what I eat, where I sleep, what I do. I live in private.

Of course I meet people. I come to the fans, to the sports fans. We talk, I come to the regions. But my home is my castle, my family lives there. And all my life it was a closed territory for me.

– When did you last fly to America?

– I haven’t been there for a long time. What for? I live in Moscow, I have everything here. And there is not much to do there.

– Your younger brother Valery lives there, he also has a big family and three children.

– Valera and I are always in touch. But my whole family is in Moscow, and I have something to do here. This is my life, my work.

I remember how we lived in the USSR. At that time, English was not taught much. And even if they knew him, they could not talk to anyone – it was forbidden. And today children and cartoons watch in English, and they go abroad regularly. Therefore, they will no longer go through when I arrived in Canada as a junior and did not even know how to order food for myself. How to say “fish” or “meat” in English.

– And at school you were not forced to learn the language?

– By that time I had already gone to tournaments abroad. And once he said to his teacher: “Why do I need English? Do you know that we are not allowed to talk to anyone behind the cordon? ” You remember that in the USSR it was impossible to communicate with foreigners. But then life changed dramatically …


– Are you training now?

– I am engaged in physical education, but I have not played hockey like a pro for a long time. Sometimes I can ride with friends, drive the puck. And there are also charity events in which you need to participate. I go out with legends, with amateurs and I understand why this is being done – to help someone.

Well, so I go to the gym, do exercises, do cardio – this is important for any person.

– Have you lost weight?

– No. I’m from a sports family. My grandfather was engaged in water polo, my father was engaged in swimming. I looked at them and understood that the day would come when I would retire from the sport. After all, this is such a thing that at a professional level you cannot practice until you are 70 years old. I have to finish one day. This is a normal physiological process. At 40, you cannot be as lively as at 20.

Morally I was ready. And my weight has not changed. And I got freedom because I used to live according to a schedule that someone invented for you. You have to do something every half hour. It’s hard, but I love freedom. Therefore, I got great pleasure from the fact that now I myself draw up a schedule for the day, month, year. It is great!

– Is a lot of freedom good?

– It is definitely not necessary to revel in it. And work from morning to evening – too. Balance is needed. As they say, did the job – walk boldly. This is the principle I try to live by. Every day in amplitude. Did something – you can rest.

– Are you still a Russian Rocket?

– Well, I already finished 20 years ago. This nickname is a thing of the past. And it was not me who invented it, but some journalist from Canada. I don’t call myself that. This nickname is just part of the job. So someone liked him.

– What nickname would you give yourself?

– None. I was always called by name. And if you want to contact me, then just tell Pavel or Pavel Bure. And there is no need to invent anything.

Stepan Stroyev.


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