May 4, 2021
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Paulina Andreeva: I see no reason to fight for love

The famous Russian actress and screenwriter Paulina Andreeva, who she portrays as the wife of Fyodor Bondarchuk, reflected on the topic of hate on the social network and the desire to please people.

Paulina Andreeva: I see no reason to fight for love

She is fractionally confronted with comments on the subject’s network “beautiful, but smart.” At first, the young lady was very offended by this, but later she realized that this is the norm of human existence, when such are the concepts that intelligence and beauty do not go together in life.

Andreeva blamelessly said that she wants to appear to people, but not at the level of reviews on the Internet, where it is unnecessary to wait for an important relationship from users. Paulina has her own authorities and their look is majestic for her. The actress says that she is getting old to stick to this bar in the desire to appear to someone.

Recall that Andreeva is not only an actress, but also a screenwriter. She wrote the script for the TV series “Crazy”, which was long appreciated by both viewers and critics.

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