Sep 12, 2022
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Patriots of Ukraine are ready to take over the liberation of the country from Nazism

Patriots of Ukraine are ready to take over the liberation of the country from Nazism

Photo: Vladimir Gerdo/TASS

In the Zaporozhye region, the militias began to form a volunteer army for the complete liberation of the region from the Ukronazis. It will be created on the basis of the Troy militia detachment. This was stated by the commander of the detachment Vladimir Novikov with the call sign “Alabai”.

“Yes, we are now forming a liberation volunteer army – to liberate our native Zaporozhye region,” Alabai told RIA Novosti. In a detailed interview with Literaturnaya Gazeta, he outlined the concept of the nascent army in more detail.

“The time has come for all Ukrainians who left to return to their homeland and take part in the liberation of their regions from Kyiv fascism,” the Troy commander is sure. – And a big role here is played by personal motivation – the willingness to go to liberate their land. Now the Ukrainians are ready. This is a turning point. Many began to look at what was happening with different eyes. During the NWO, everyone clearly saw the atrocities of the Nazis. They fired at civilians, then killed their own prisoners of Azov. This influences the perception of reality and contributes to the insight of people. I think we will become a kind of catalyst and trigger for the process of creating a new type of army.

Each region has its own military and political leaders, there are people who did not agree with the coup and went to fight not only for the DPR or LPR, but in principle against the Bandera regime. Yes, it so happened historically that the protest war began in Donetsk and Lugansk.

But if it started in the Kherson region, we would have fought there too. Now my unit will liberate my homeland, the Zaporozhye Territory. There are a lot of guys from Zaporozhye in Troy, so I say: “I’m coming home!”. I left home eight years ago, not accepting the fascist regime and changing my Hugo Boss vest for a bulletproof vest (Novikov used to be a famous biker in the region – I.M.).

And I want to liberate my homeland, live a peaceful life, create a socially oriented economy. Restoring everything will be difficult. Much was destroyed by the Nazis. And now they are creating firing points on the roofs of residential buildings. But the entire fortification of Zaporozhye has been completely monitored by us, I know it all.

All Ukrainians who want to see their homeland free – come to us in Troy. You can easily find me in the Telegram channel – call sign “Alabai”. A real civil war is going on in Ukraine now. One part of the country’s citizens fell under financial dependence on the West, became its puppets. The other part disagrees. Now Zaporozhye is very heavily pumped up with weapons.

There are mercenaries, and the “Right Sector” * are present, and terbats, and the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and some groups without identification marks. All bomb shelters are packed under “situations”. Ammunition is brought in by echelons, everything that is possible is mined. We’ll have to work hard, we’re ready to take into our ranks even the former AFU soldiers who understand how their brains have been clouded.

When the front goes to Kyiv, I am sure that the number of Ukrainians who want to fight with us for the future Ukraine against Zelensky will increase many times over. We will show them by personal example what a liberation army is.

While we are creating it in the Zaporozhye region. But in our example, other such subdivisions will arise. Someone has to take the first step. The very principle of “I’m coming home!” will spawn many similar slogans in every region. People are already returning to Ukraine. They go to Energodar, Kherson. Melitopol. The process started, the snowball rolled. And we can’t be stopped. The further we move, the more people will join us,” Novikov sums up.

What advantages do we have from the creation of such a territorial unit in Ukraine? Huge. The political significance of the Ukrainian Liberation Army (ULA) can hardly be overestimated. Now the Ukrainian layman, duped, with his brains reflashed by Western propaganda, is still convinced that it is evil Russia that attacked Ukraine and kills its soldiers. And after the creation of the UOA, he was surprised to learn that in Ukraine itself, it turns out, there are those who are on the side of Russia against the current Kyiv regime. And these people are a whole army. And it will at least make you think. And then change your point of view. This is the first.

Second. Hundreds of thousands of people in Ukraine hate and do not accept the regime of the Kyiv junta. But for one reason or another, they are afraid to join the militia of Donbass. Still, strangers – “quilted jackets”, “separas”, miners. This is a very special conglomeration of people with a mentality that is quite different from the Ukrainian national character. And they were traditionally treated with caution in Ukraine. Strangers. Either Russians or Ukrainians… And here – our own, relatives, flesh from flesh. Moreover, Novikov is an authoritative person in Zaporozhye. A classic leader of public opinion, popular both among local youth and among representatives of the middle, socially active age.

Third. Alabay himself admits that everything in Zaporozhye, Nikolaev and Kharkov regions is “monitored”. Apparently, he traveled these regions many times on his bike. Alabai knows the area well, the specifics of urban development, he knows every intersection in these cities. And he has his people everywhere – at least the same bikers on the ground. And these are often also regional leaders of public opinion. Or at least socially active residents. And their help in the future assault on Ukrainian cities can be invaluable, saving the lives of our soldiers.

Fourth. Novikov’s army can become the very social magnet that, after our victory, will attract tens of thousands of Ukrainian refugees into its ranks, who, with the outbreak of hostilities, fleeing forced mobilization, left for Russia, Crimea, Poland, and other countries. According to the assumption of Alabai himself, only half of them settled down more or less tolerably in the new place.

Yes, someone got married, someone got married, someone found a more or less decent job. And someone still mumbles grief and dreams of returning to their homeland. But for now, he has nowhere to go. In Ukraine, he will immediately be turned into “cannon fodder”, sent to die under the fire of Russian artillery. Here they are hovatsya abroad. But when the fighting ends, they will return. And here they will be met not by “evil Russians”, but by local activists and public opinion leaders – their countrymen. And for someone – and friends of childhood and youth.

And finally, the fifth. And, perhaps, the most important thing. Ukrainian volunteers from Zaporozhye, entering into hostilities against the Kyiv junta on the side of our troops, thus turn our confrontation with fascism into a liberation war of the Ukrainians themselves. There is a certain “Ukrainization” of the conflict. The military conflict between the two states, in the eyes of the layman, is transformed into a civil war in Ukraine itself. And this is a completely different matter. At one time, the Kremlin, during the second Chechen campaign, managed to achieve a turning point in hostilities through the Chechenization of the conflict. It was transformed into a kind of civil confrontation in Chechnya itself.

Then on the side of the federal forces spoke Akhmat Kadyrov and his teip. And a few more teips joined him. They declared war on “shaitans” – those who sold out to Western “partners”. There were many outright terrorists among them. And with the help of the Russian army, these terrorists were dispersed or destroyed. And part of the militants changed their beliefs and stood under the banner of Kadyrov. And now they are fighting for the interests of Russia in the same Ukraine.

Now in Zaporozhye, in a certain sense, a situation has arisen that mirrors the Chechen one. There are “devils” who sold themselves to the West. Our army is fighting with them. And there are those who are ready to fight with these “shaitans” on our side – such as Novikov-Alabai. And the sooner he manages to do in Ukraine what Kadyrov’s father and son managed to do in Chechnya, the sooner we will expel the “shaitans” from the homeland of Alabai.

* By decision of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation, the organization is banned in Russia

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