Jul 31, 2022
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Patrik Poppel: “Russians are now in the position of Jews in the midst of World War II”

In the photo: Patrick Poppel

In the photo: Patrick Poppel (Photo:

Patrick Poppel – a unique personality. Great friend of Russia, director of the Suvorov Institute in Vienna. Patrick has been to Crimea many times, several times to Donbass. And recently visited Kaliningrad. He shared his thoughts on the future fate of Russia and Europe with a SP correspondent.

“SP”: – Patrick, why did you decide to head the Suvorov Institute?

– Russia under the emperor Pavel the First was an ally of Austria in the war against France. During the famous “Swiss campaign” Generalissimo Alexander Suvorov commanded a combined group of Russian and Austrian troops. During his famous crossing over the Alps, he saved not only the Russian army, but also several thousand Austrian soldiers and officers.

For its time, it was the most striking example of successful warfare in the mountains, which even now are subject only to climbers. French marshal André Massénawhose troops opposed the Russians and Austrians, said that he would give all his victories for one passage of Suvorov through the Alps.

And the impetus for the creation of the Institute was the events in Ukraine and Crimea in 2013-2014.

Then all the Western media attacked Russia with all their might. But this was nothing new. And then I wanted to get to the bottom of the truth myself. Who is right – Donbass militias and Crimeans or representatives of the Maidan? I came to Russia, visited the Crimea. And I realized that the fight is not only at the level of political, economic and other interests. Everything is much more serious.

In Ukraine, the struggle is between the Good of the new empire and the Evil of the old Europe. And Europe was in captivity, in the system of coordinates of this Evil. This Evil is truly metaphysical in nature. It is now simply absorbing Europe. And Ukraine is only a small part of the global conflict that has been going on for eight years. And this is not only a military conflict. This conflict is economic, cultural and spiritual.

“SP”: – Directly mystical plot.

— Note that even because of such a small peninsula as Crimea, a colossal geopolitical conflict broke out. Geopolitical, historical, even metaphysical interests intersected in Crimea. This small peninsula had a huge impact on the conflict between Ukraine and Russia. The Western man in the street does not know all of his background. I was in Donetsk and Lugansk. I saw this war with my own eyes. And I will go there again. This war was initiated by Ukraine eight years ago, and Russia simply decided to end it.

Unfortunately, European countries are taking the most active part in this conflict. They supply weapons to the Nazis in a continuous stream. They support it politically, financially, economically. And the next step in the development of the conflict may well be a big war, in which Europe may well be drawn.

In general, I see the situation in Ukraine as the beginning of the end of European civilization. Now Europe is failing on all fronts. In such a situation, you can save a few people, but you cannot save the country. You can’t save the entire continent.

After all, what is European civilization? This is a large group of people on the continent, united by a common idea, ideology and culture. Here in Europe every house has a gay flag of the European Union. What ideology is this talking about? What are we going to the future with? With these values, with people preaching them, with mass migration from the zone of military conflicts, with battles in Ukraine, with a bunch of their own problems … And without gas. And what then awaits this continent? What will happen next? Collapse?

The decline of Europe is taking place before our eyes. Europe is actually dying. And it’s scary.

“SP”: – But history knows a lot of examples of the collapse of the once great empires …

– Everything is correct. Something similar is happening now. What causes the collapse of empires? With the decline of morals, tastes, education within the state and aggression against it from the outside. The same homosexuality in Rome first contributed to the decline of morals, and then to the collapse of the entire empire. And then the invaders came…

After the fall of the First Rome, Byzantium as the Second Rome lasted for a thousand years. If Europe continues to follow the same path as it is going, it will last for fifty years. Rome fell and was conquered by the barbarians. The same awaits us.

“SP”: – One gets the impression that Europe now has an idiosyncrasy towards Russians …

– Yes, the Russian world in Europe is now being scolded. And the Russians on the continent are now in the position of the Jews at the height of World War II. Nevertheless, many representatives of the German-speaking world are now more than ever ready to move to Russia, because it is easier for them to conduct their business here. They are ready to move their businesses here. These people call me every day. Many of them simply subconsciously feel the decline of Europe. And they do not want to take part in it even as witnesses. They want a future for their children. And they see it in Russia.

Your country will not interfere with thousands of qualified doctors, teachers, sophisticated businessmen. Just need to create the appropriate conditions for this move. And it would be nice for your government to think about this.

The smartest heads in Europe understand that Russia is now the third Rome. Only it preserves human values, morality, ethics, morality and purity. And if Europe wants to survive, it is now critically important for it to help Russia destroy fascism in Ukraine. This is understood by millions of people in Europe. But not our politicians.

“SP”: -They say you changed your faith …

– In the Donbass, I met with a variety of people. And suddenly I felt: they are spiritually close to me. And I realized that the source of the good that I met among the militias is the Orthodox faith. And I, who was born a Catholic, accepted Orthodoxy after much deliberation. I just didn’t see any other way for myself.

We are now living in truly biblical times. On yesterday’s empires there are tectonic faults. America will soon be torn apart by internal problems.

Proud Europe has extinguished its fires, and the ghost of Eurabia has already appeared on the horizon. But Europe still has a chance. To do this, European politicians need to break out of the grip of stereotypes that are imposed on them from the outside, which compress their minds and deprive them of their will. They need to learn to think for themselves. They need to clearly label all the challenges and dangers faced by the Europeans.

And then they will understand that they, representatives of the white race, still have a chance. But this chance can be realized only together with Russia.

“SP”: – You argue like a prophet.

“You flatter me. Maybe I look a little further and think about the future of both my country and my continent a little more than the average European. And I see all the horror of the tragedy that awaits all of us if we do not come to our senses.

“SP”: – You recently visited Kaliningrad.

– Western media write that Kaliningrad is a knife in the heart of Europe and a springboard for an attack on it. They say that there is no civilization here: no shops, no shopping centers, and residents have been drinking vodka since early morning. I spent a week here and didn’t see a single drunk on the street. And in Vienna, at the height of the working day, you can see people walking in the park with beer cans in their hands.

In general, Kaliningraders look like calm, self-sufficient people. They are at peace and at peace with themselves.

The city lives its measured life. I know Germans who have moved here for permanent residence or want to move to the Kaliningrad region. Among them are both ordinary migrants and businessmen who no longer want to live in Germany. Kaliningrad is closer to their liking. The city has an excellent geographical position: the proximity of European countries and the sea coast, a very favorable environment for life.

I think the Russian authorities should support foreigners moving to Kaliningrad. It would be nice if the Russian government would help the Germans who want to move here and become citizens of your country. Then the Russians and migrants from Germany could live in peace and harmony. And it would be a very good project of people’s diplomacy.

“SP”: – In the Western media, there are constant proposals to return the region to Germany. Like, Königsberg historically belonged to East Prussia. And accordingly, the presence of Russian citizens here is unlawful.

“But if we start talking about the return of territories that previously belonged to other states of the territories, then we can also recall that earlier South Tyrol was part of Austria, and the Austrian Empire itself extended to the Black Sea coast.

In addition, part of the land of Alsace-Lorraine, formerly part of the German Empire, passed to France, and England should generally regain all the colonies, that is, all the states of America. Let’s still be prudent people and start looking at things soberly.

“SP”: – You are now initiating a new project – the creation of the “Friends of Koenigsberg” society. What is its meaning and essence?

— We need to maintain a Russian-German dialogue between representatives of business and culture in Germany and Kaliningrad. Because so far all international contacts have been narrowed down to meetings of official delegations of our countries. And all the topics of negotiations – oil, gas, Nord Stream, military operations in Ukraine …

But besides politicians, there are also living people.

“SP”: – In Europe, someone shares your views?

-Of course. We create our project together with a member of the Berlin City Chamber of Deputies Gunnar Lindemann. He fully shares my point of view on relations between Russia and Germany. Yes, we are still few. But the number of sane politicians in both Austria and Germany will grow – I’m sure.

And if now the European leaders are doing everything possible for the decline of Europe, then we want to live. And we hope for the best. And we see this best only in close alliance with Russia.

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