Sep 21, 2021
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Patience and caring: 8 ways to make life easier for someone with Alzheimer’s

Create a safe home environment

Unfortunately, dementia, together with memory, takes away a person’s sense of danger, dulling the instinct for self-preservation, and many patients die and are injured at home. To avoid this, take measures:

Remove small rugs, extension cords, or anything that could cause a fall from the floor… Also install handrails where there is a risk of losing your balance, such as in the bathroom.

Install locks on all cabinets where there is something potentially dangerous to a person with dementia… Medicines, alcohol, toxic substances, weapons, stabbing and cutting objects should be prohibited for a person with Alzheimer’s disease, as for a child.

Store matches and lighters in a safe place… If your loved one with Alzheimer’s is a smoker, always make sure that he does not leave a lit cigarette. Keep a fire extinguisher in your home and install smoke detectors.

Do not use “traditional” methods of treatment

No matter what healers and people from Internet forums tell you, there is no effective cure for Alzheimer’s disease. There are only means to slow down the progression of pathology, but only a doctor should prescribe them.

At the first symptoms of the disease, the most effective strategy is to contact a specialist in order to determine the degree and nature of the disorders and the tactics of correction.

What you shouldn’t do for sure is to prescribe yourself drugs “for memory” and “for blood vessels”, because the vast majority of such drugs are ineffective, and in some cases they can even provoke a deterioration in the condition.

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Encourage physical activity

In addition to promoting well-being and blood pressure, moderate exercise can also help improve the quality of life of a patient with dementia. For example, American scientists have found that older people with Alzheimer’s disease cope better with cognitive tasks if they move more.

Do not force a person to grueling workouts, just choose the type of physical activity for him that gives him pleasure and gives him strength. For example, leisurely walks or gardening. It’s even better if you spend this time together.

Plan all activities clearly during the day

Unplanned affairs and spontaneous decisions can only be afforded by a healthy person, but not by a patient with dementia. Since this is a disease of the elderly, most often they suffer from many other age-related diseases and ailments. Try to schedule important things like doctor visits, bathing, and physical activity for a time when your loved one is rested and feeling better.

Remember that it is more difficult for a person with Alzheimer’s to do any of the usual activities, so it is better to have more time in stock so as not to get nervous or unnerve himself.

Let’s have more independence

This is very difficult, because a person with dementia loses functionality, including due to problems with short-term memory, and sometimes it is scary to trust him with something. However, it is very important to allow such people to do simple things with the least help. For example, dress yourself, set the table with prompts, participate in making a shopping list and menu.

If your loved one with dementia does something on their own, experts recommend giving simple, clear instructions at every step. When communicating, eliminate distractions such as a working TV or radio to make it easier for the person to focus.

Normalize sleep and nutrition

For people with Alzheimer’s, limiting daytime sleep and naps can lead to nighttime sleeplessness. Include in the daily diet of your loved one more foods with low fat content and more vegetables, to avoid problems with weight and digestion.

If the disease progresses to a severe stage and the person stops getting out of bed, try to cook food that is easy to chew and swallow. Experts also recommend thickening liquids using gelatin and cornstarch – juice, milk, soup.

Avoid stressful situations for your loved one

A person with dementia may have the most unexpected reasons for worrying, and even if they seem to you to be whims, it is better to minimize any stress for him. For example, if your loved one flatly refuses to change clothes every day, buy him several of the same sets.

Express your concern through touch and favorite activities

As Alzheimer’s disease progresses, all symptoms will worsen, and in advanced stages, patients often lose the ability to speak and express their wants and needs. Even when it seems that the mind of a loved one has finally died out, perhaps the “core” of his personality has been preserved, experts say. At this stage, the world is perceived through the senses, and you can:

  • play your loved one’s favorite music or read excerpts from books that are important to him;
  • cook his favorite dishes;
  • look at family photos together;
  • take care of him, showing care in everyday life: for example, combing his hair;
  • walk with him.

According to the WHO, at least 50 million people worldwide suffer from dementia, and about 10 million new cases of the disease are diagnosed each year. Alzheimer’s disease is the most common cause of dementia, diagnosed in 60-70% of patients. There are at least 1.5 million people with dementia in Russia. Thus, almost every tenth Russian can face this disease.

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