Sep 26, 2021
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Past Ruyan Island

Past Ruyan Island
Into the realm of old deception
I don’t want to swim like Pushkin, –
Drop anchor, so be it.
Here the Germans will raise swearing,
Say, this is the island of Rugen,
And on their shore
I can’t go without a visa.
To the dear past
Yes, without a visa, not a foot?
Insolent whore
I forgot about “Hurray!”
And in history, fascists,
This island is not clean.
In forty-five, our soldier
I could take it back.
If Stalin were Russian,
He would not have left the island.
Pomerania, Berlin
Yes, and Prussia – take it! ..
From that Russia to the local Rashi
These lands are ours for a long time.
But the Romanovs are silent.
So that the people are a fool
Hidden creatures-sovereigns
That – brothers Rus and Aryans.
Even Pushkin is our Ruyan
Hid it under the “Buyan”.
And even more so about it
No gu-gu Land of the Soviets.
Greatness is prohibited:
Say, there was not and no,
Like, no tribe, no clan,
Say, Russia is like rabble.
And in order to control it,
You just have to lie and lie …
Here is the murderous truth.
But don’t fall before the shot.
Remember in Rune Gold
Everything is about us, to the point.
We are the oldest people
The unfinished breed.
The eternal battle is not over.
The Russian spirit is always alive.
So, quietly, a little bit.
It’s time for me to visit
Not Saltan da Guido,
And – in the Slavic Arkona.
Here is the capital of the capitals!
The world before her was nothing.
They said that Arkona
Became the new Babylon.
The city of temples of all Slavs,
Ruyan carried like a crown.
And any miracle in the world
Was here or – from here.
But – not a squirrel and a jarbird,
A – imperial borders, –
That’s what a miracle of miracles!
Father wrote them to us –
That looks into any distance.
And orders to return to Arkona
Full of German.
The trouble happened to her like this:
The enemy got out from everywhere.
Lutherans dug in
In the Vedic Ruyan.
If only the Germans were there
These were our shields, –
There are francs, there are given
Past Ruyan Island
Didn’t want to swim
To conquer it,
That in the name of Christ
Destroy Russian foundations
And the Vedic breadth
Rebuild into a wasteland.
My glorious island fought
With a wild flock of the world.
Varangians who fell on it
With a fast falcon on the flag.
With them my ancestor, Cornil,
Maybe he folded his head.
And one wonder remained
That we live unfairly
Only rivers here and there
Russian blood flow
Into the three great oceans
From Alaska to Rouen.
Remember, that island, Ruyan,
Russia was given to us as a legacy.
Russia that seems to be in a fairy tale,
Rouen to Alaska
From the height of the Ural Mountains
She went out into the open.
I lived with fervor, with fever
The latitude of the Globe.
And she screamed out of love:
“Humanity, live!”
Humanity lives
Only does not repay the debt.
Strives to rob again.
And slips a rake
From the full swing so
We knocked ourselves on the forehead.
Ruyan is not enough for them now.
Before the Kuril fog
The samurai reached out:
Give him the Shikotan.
Belarus and Ukraine
Broken off like ice floes.
He keeps his greedy eyes on us
Together with Asia, the Caucasus.
And in Russian Judea
Everyone is sitting on the Russian neck.
And this is the alignment now, –
At least with a cheek – for example.
Look, the Chinese dragon
Rothschild feeds for overclocking
To the Siberian forests …
These are the miracles.
Already hit so hit.
But until they disappeared
Every Rusich firmly know:
Do not surrender to your father’s land!
Stop swimming foolishly, get drunk
Past Ruyan Island.
Come ashore
To claim a favor.

08.05.13 g.
Leonid Kornilov

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