Sep 5, 2022
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Passive smoking during pregnancy

Passive smoking during pregnancy

When discussing any topic, arguments usually line up in two columns: for and against. However, when discussing the topic of passive smoking during pregnancy, there is simply no “FOR” column. It is dangerous, harmful and detrimental to the health of the baby and mother even more than regular active smoking! Why?

Why is passive smoking harmful?

The first is that a smoker poisons himself and his body of his own free will, while a passive smoker is forced to endure a form of mockery of himself. After all, only 20% of the harmful substances in cigarettes enter the smoker’s lungs. The rest he releases into the air, thereby poisoning those around him. It has been established that a “dose” of a cigarette is acquired by a non-smoker in just one hour of being in close proximity to a smoking person. Therefore, the victim (let’s denote it like this) receives all the same risks as a smoker:

  • risk of cancer
  • lung disease,
  • damage to the cardiovascular system.

Passive smoking during pregnancy

All the harmful factors of smoking, which are dangerous to health in the normal state, are multiplied many times during pregnancy. Studies have shown that mothers-to-be who suffer from the effects of both active and passive nicotine have difficulty conceiving.

It has long been known that nicotine affects the development of the fetus: more than a third of pregnancies at risk of poisoning the mother’s body with nicotine end in premature birth. The baby does not get enough oxygen, and therefore he often shows insufficient weight. Moreover, oxygen starvation of certain parts of the fetal brain causes hypoxia – in medicine, this is what oxygen starvation of the brain is called.

In addition to the risks of the fetus, one can list the poor health of the mother herself, losing her much-needed vitamin C. This causes headaches and dizziness, nausea, stomach cramps, etc.

Consequences of passive smoking of mother for the baby.

I don’t want to scare expectant mothers too much, because pregnancy is already associated with a whole set of experiences and stresses. However, every woman should know what passive smoking in an “interesting position” can mean for a baby:

weakening of the lungs already during fetal development, which is a catalyst for the development of pneumonia, bronchitis, asthma;
the development of food allergies, while determining the allergen in the future seems to be a very problematic matter;
A general decrease in immunity, which means pain in the first months and even weeks of life. Note that the day of illness in infancy is a delay in development for a week. It is probably not difficult to calculate what a common cold can mean for a baby!

We emphasize once again – these are the consequences of passive smoking, that is, even with all the recommendations of the doctor and full care of one’s own health, an irresponsible attitude to the moment of expectation of a child by one of the family members can have disastrous consequences. Therefore, do not smoke yourself and help your loved ones get rid of this addiction!

Already 8 hours after the last cigarette is smoked, the blood is filled with oxygen. After two days, the taste and olfactory analyzers begin to fully function, after a week, the complexion and skin condition improve. Well, isn’t it worth it to give up a stinky stick that kills both the smoker and those around him, including the smallest and innocent?

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