Aug 15, 2022
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Passion for mobilization, or hostages of the kosher hetman

It is almost impossible to get a delay, they row everyone

Apparently, Kyiv will extend martial law, and hence the mobilization for 90 days – from August 23 to November 21. The bill is already in Parliament.

Capture of “cannon fodder” will begin throughout Ukraine. According to Colonel Ruslan Trihub, head of the Darnitsa Territorial Recruiting Center in Kyiv, the number of volunteers has dropped sharply. “Out of 100 volunteers, there will be about three. And at the beginning of the aggression, out of every hundred, only three came for help. Today, if there is a queue, it is the queue of those who come for a reprieve.

However, it is almost impossible to get a delay, everyone is rowed. A well-known admirer of Zelya, Dr. Yevgeny Komarovsky, recently criticized the military registration and enlistment offices: despite his illness, his friend was taken to the Armed Forces of Ukraine even without a medical examination. He also says that before being sent to the front, a person mobilized in the Armed Forces of Ukraine must independently find a vaccine against diphtheria and tetanus, which was previously purchased in Russia. If you can’t find it, they’ll take it anyway.

The official escape routes from Ukraine were also closed for the “reclined” convicts, who were removed from the military register due to the served sentence.

The fact that Kyiv reduced the monetary allowance for front-line soldiers from 100 to 30 thousand hryvnias also played a role in the lack of volunteers. The main motivation is gone.

The fact that the draft would continue was warned on August 8. The reasons are clear – huge losses, which they prefer to keep silent about, and a natural reduction in the operational reserve. In addition, by sending a large number of men to the front, Zelensky narrows down the possibilities of protest.

Defense Minister Reznikov says: “There are no problems with mobilization, I constantly communicate with the General Staff, with the Commander-in-Chief, with the Chief of the General Staff. By and large, we have filled all the necessary positions.”

Nevertheless, Transcarpathian journalist Vitaliy Glagola published a photo of the order of the Uzhgorod military registration and enlistment office to conduct an apartment list of men aged 18-60 within a week. The meat hunt is in full swing.

News from Uzhhorod

Total mobilization and total violations of the procedure for serving summonses caused sharp and dangerous discontent. Even The New York Times reports that the mobilization “is of a covert and arbitrary nature”. “This campaign includes fanning the streets looking for potential soldiers and issuing subpoenas ordering them to report to the military registration and enlistment offices.”

Ukrainians are closed

Ukrainians are outraged by the fact that travel abroad was closed for them. The President’s website shows weekly petitions demanding the lifting of the ban, which is a violation of the Constitution and human rights.

There are a lot of petitions

Ukrainian social networks have already launched messages with a hashtag #UkraineLetMenOut (Ukraine, let the men go). It got to the point that the American edition Foreign policy also criticizes the mobilization in Ukraine – especially the ban on the exit of men. Prominent journalist Charles Carpenter believes that Ukrainian men are “trapped” by becoming Zelensky’s hostages.

“Civilian men trapped in Ukraine”

Separately, young people who are not allowed to go abroad are protesting, despite the fact that they entered foreign universities and even paid for education and accommodation. Meanwhile, according to the law on mobilization, they have the right to leave.

Foreign universities are not a panacea for mobilization

NSDC Secretary Danilov, who sent his sons abroad, commented on the petition to lift the travel ban as follows: “There is no need to hide behind a woman’s skirt and flee the country. You can not take up arms – help in another way. It’s not fair when men run during the war.”

Zelensky is delaying the resolution of the issue. People are annoyed that the bans do not apply to the relatives of the “great”, and commoners are caught with subpoenas, like animals. Buzanov lawyer says: “It would be more correct to describe in detail where and how summonses are issued, that they are sent to the place of residence, to the place of work …. And people who complain that they are handed subpoenas in public places will be able, referring to the new norms, to write complaints and hold military registration and enlistment office employees accountable for violating order.”. There was a petition to the president demanding a ban on issuing subpoenas in public places.

Petition to change the rules for serving subpoenas

Of course, first of all, an attempt is made to “excuse” on medical grounds. However, strict checks of doctors and repeated commissions for those who are suspected that they forged or bought certificates have recently begun.

There are two options left: lie low in the rural outback or decide to illegally cross the border. According to the reports of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, border guards, the Security Service of Ukraine and even counterintelligence, transportation channels are constantly being opened, but new ones appear – the “issue price” is very profitable.

The export of those subject to mobilization is advertised everywhere

Society, even burning with Russophobia, turned on the instinct of self-preservation and began to defend itself. Lawyers are involved in the case, the courts have already begun to cancel conscription orders. For today there is at least two satisfied claims.

The mobilization issue has become so acute that it is already being used as an election weapon. They write on social networks that Commander-in-Chief Zaluzhny, one of Zelya’s likely successors, instead of a counterattack on Kherson, decided to launch a public attack on Bankovaya and is ready to allow the departure of a part of the male population that is not subject to mobilization during a special period.

Zaluzhny – knight’s move

Another conflict between the commander-in-chief and Zelensky flares up. And in this conflict, the majority of Ukrainians will support Zaluzhny.

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