Aug 28, 2021
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Pashinyan is required to protect the borders of Armenia

The Azerbaijani Armed Forces, having unblocked the Goris-Kapan highway, fired at the village of Kut

The National Security Service of Armenia announced on Friday evening about the restoration of traffic along the Goris-Kapan international highway.

It should be reminded that the Azerbaijani Armed Forces blocked three sections of the route on the evening of August 25, as a result of which several Armenian villages were cut off from the outside world. Products were delivered there by Russian peacekeepers.

Residents of the border village of Vorotan, which was blocked for two days, told reporters that the Azerbaijani military dug trenches and set up dugouts on both sides of the highway, which worries local residents – they demand from the government to arm them in order to defend their land in the event of new provocations. Vorotan has no doubts that these provocations will take place.

They also demand action from the government in Yerevan – the party “National Conservative Movement 5165” issued a statement insisting to take measures to protect the borders of Armenia, otherwise mass actions of disobedience will be initiated.

“We would like to remind Nikol Pashinyan and his team that his duty is to ensure the security and territorial integrity of the country. The vote of confidence of 680 thousand voters, although it was obtained through manipulation, obliges the current government to first of all address issues of vital importance – to ensure the safety of the population, the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the country, the right to life, health, free movement and other basic human rights, ”

– the statement says.

The provocations of the Azerbaijani side did not end there – having unblocked the international route, the Azerbaijani Armed Forces fired on the Armenian border village of Kut (Gegharkunik region) late Friday evening. The positions of the Armenian border guards in the area were also shelled.

Local residents pin their hopes only on Russian border guards who will control the section of the highway from Goris to Kapan, the mayor of Kapan said. Gevorg Parsyan

Political scientist Armen BaghdasaryanCommenting on the blockade of the highway by the Azerbaijani military, I am sure that this event did not come as a surprise to the Prime Minister of Armenia Nikola Pashinyan.

“Pashinyan didn’t blame Baku from the parliamentary rostrum, but bluntly said that we need to think about bypass routes, thereby taking on the role of a lawyer for the Azerbaijani authorities. He said that, in accordance with the Soviet borders, a section of this road passes through the territory of Azerbaijan, that is, he explained why the enemy did this, “

– said Baghdasaryan in an interview Sputnik Armenia

The motives of Baku are understandable, the political scientist believes, this is the continuation of pressure on Yerevan in order to accelerate the demarcation and delimitation of borders and the signing of a peace agreement.

Meanwhile, the European Union confirmed its readiness to provide assistance in resolving the situation in the South Caucasus.

Deputy Head of the European Commission, EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Joseph Borrell in your congratulatory message Ararat Mirzoyan In connection with his appointment to the post of Foreign Minister of Armenia, noted: “The European Union is ready to contribute to the settlement of the situation in the region, in particular to provide assistance in the delimitation of borders.”

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Photo: Traffic on the Goris-Kapan highway is gradually recovering, source – Sputnik Armenia

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