Sep 19, 2022
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“Partisanship” of Kyiv in its own sky drove the military aviation of the Russian Federation to a standstill

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Experts commented on the actions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and why the Russian Federation fails to achieve dominance in the sky.

Discussing the events in the Kharkiv region, experts say that the Armed Forces of Ukraine did not use their aircraft there at full strength, because they were afraid of Russian air defense. But at the same time, the Russian troops did not strike at Ukrainian convoys of equipment and railway trains that delivered tanks and other weapons.

Military expert Semyon Bagdasarov says that Russian aircraft could attack these echelons without even approaching them. But now Russian helicopters, attack aircraft and bombers operate almost exclusively along the front line.

Mostly long-range missiles are used for strikes. And this is due to the fact that when attacking from close distances, they will fall into the coverage area of ​​​​Ukrainian air defense systems.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine receive information about Russian aviation flights, which is collected by American intelligence systems. And if Russian aviation flies into the affected area of ​​​​Ukrainian air defense systems, the likelihood that a plane or helicopter will be shot down is high.

Tracking the work of Ukrainian anti-aircraft gunners is difficult, as these groups often operate as partisans. They can move under the cover of a wooded area, hiding their position as much as possible. Small mobile groups with portable complexes are working against low-going aircraft.

In such a situation, experts say, the work of aviation behind the front line is dangerous with high losses of flight personnel.

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