Sep 4, 2022
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Parties told about new tools for monitoring online voting in Moscow

The head of the Public Headquarters for Election Observation in Moscow, Vadim Kovalev, invited representatives of political parties to take part in video surveillance of the elections.

For the full-fledged work of video monitors, computers and the Internet will be installed at the election observation site. Lawyers will be present to provide advice if necessary.

“We also provided places where representatives of parties and subjects of nomination can watch the voting process – we invite you to take advantage of this opportunity. To ensure transparent and fair elections is our common task with you,” Kovalev said.

The capabilities of the video center of the Public Headquarters will make it possible to ensure that the legality of voting at polling stations is observed. In the event of an unusual situation, a violation will be responded to immediately.

All voting days will be broadcast around the clock. Parties will be able to send several people to the video center. They have the opportunity to be there around the clock and in shifts to monitor the course of the elections.

If a violation is suspected, any observer will be able to report to the Review Team. They will analyze in detail the information from the video surveillance cameras, contact the members of the precinct election commissions and observers at the polling stations. If necessary, a Mobile Response Team will be dispatched to the site.

In addition to video surveillance, the legality and transparency of voting will be ensured by more than 10,000 observers. Eight thousand people have already been trained. Observers are given lectures on the basics of electoral law, are taught how to use the Mobile Observer application, and are given advice on working at polling stations.

Residents of the capital will elect municipal deputies from 9 to 11 September. Residents of all districts of the city will vote, except for Shchukin and Troitsky and Novomoskovsky districts. Along with the traditional format, the elections will be held online.


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