Aug 7, 2022
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Participants of the Fashion Sentence show go through seven circles of hell and pay a lot of money


The participant told what she experienced in the program “Fashion Sentence”.

While viewers are suffering violently due to the disappearance of various shows from the TV screens, their former participants recall the details of past filming.

So one of the heroines of “Fashionable Sentence” revealed the ins and outs of the TV project. It turned out that the demonstrated images created by stylists, as well as all the clothes, the experimental models can take with them into real life. But not for free, as many people think.

Images along with clothes are sold to the heroes of the program – they pay 13 percent of the tax for the wardrobe”, – the participant of the program shared with the portal.

And it would be fine just money. For the right to wear what Evelina Khromchenko, Alexander Vasiliev and Nadezhda Babkina have chosen and approved, they have to pay with their time and nerves.

Participation in the program is exhausting so much that he is no longer happy with anything, the heroine admitted on condition of anonymity. The schedule is so tight that the shooting lasts 12 hours or more.

Now it became clear why the transformed lucky ones smiled from the screens with a suffering look.

By the way, Channel One plans to return the dress-up show to the screens next fall. Even domestic sponsors have already been found for it.

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