Oct 15, 2020
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“Partial” school. Who will sit at the desk on October 19?

On October 19, students in grades 1-5 return to schools and resume their full-time studies, and students in grades 6-11 will switch to distance learning for the next two weeks. This decision was not easy and a compromise, because it was necessary to take into account the interests of students, teachers, and parents.

Why this and not otherwise?

The forced vacations, which were announced in schools, were another measure of the Moscow government to curb the rise in the incidence of coronavirus. As reported in his personal blog, the capital Mayor Sergei Sobyanin, the holidays had their effect: “In recent days, the proportion of children among the sick has decreased from 19% to 11%. Older students are more at risk of contracting coronavirus infection. They account for two thirds of sick children. "

Together with teachers, sanitary doctors and other experts, a number of decisions were made about what the school will be like after the holidays at this difficult time. The experience of the spring months has shown that high school students adapt quite well to the distance learning format, so while they continue their studies online, it is more difficult for younger students to do this.

“This spring the distance student showed that it is difficult to provide a quality education to primary school students on distance learning: they are not motivated, they cannot study on their own at the computer, and their parents cannot help them, despite the fact that this is a primary school. In addition, you need to understand the physiology of the child at this age, how he concentrates. Therefore, the decision was made for two reasons. The first is that babies are less susceptible to infection with COVID-19. And the second is the fact that junior grades are better and more productive in full-time study. We have the misconception that babies are born with gadgets in their hands. Several teachers have already told me that they had to teach children online technology from the very beginning. Modern children, alas, have Tik-Tok, VKontakte and games at their fingertips, and it is difficult for them to master educational programs, especially in elementary grades, on their own. It is correct that fifth graders were also sent offline. It is difficult to leave children under 11-12 years old alone at home, and after all, not all parents are now far away. Who will look after the children? Therefore, I believe that the most reasonable and logical decision that can be taken in this situation has been made, "says the head of the Public Council of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation for an independent assessment of the quality of educational conditions. Head of the HSE Laboratory Alexander Milkus...

Together with the kids, fifth-graders found themselves in a special situation. They are just starting out in high school with a new homeroom teacher and subject teachers. So that the children did not experience additional stress, they also decided to return them to their desks. Today 540 thousand children study from 1 to 5 grades in Moscow.

Transport cards will be unblocked for elementary schoolchildren, which have been suspended for the duration of the holidays. It is obvious that the transfer of senior classes to distant school, and this is about 500 thousand schoolchildren from 6 to 11 grades, will minimize the risk of the spread of infectious diseases. While younger students usually go to schools near their homes and do not use public transport, older children often choose schools that need to be reached by bus or metro.

Distance for teachers at will

The mayor's decree also applies to teachers. Teachers over the age of 65 and teachers with a range of chronic medical conditions can be transferred to online work if they wish. Tutors - young teachers - will come to help teachers on distance learning. This will help keep older teachers safe so that they can continue to work and the educational process will not be affected in any way.

“Today we had a meeting at which Deputy Mayor Anastasia Vladimirovna Rakova said that if a person feels good, he does not have any exacerbations, does not have respiratory diseases, and he wants to continue working in his class, he has the right to leave, so 65+ teachers return to school if they feel well. Tutors are undergraduate students who usually always do internships in Moscow schools. These are people who have already studied pedagogy, psychology, and they will carry out purely organizational aspects. Moreover, we try to take such students who have already studied their subject, and they can, at the end of the distance lesson, which is led by a full-time teacher who is on distance, consult the children and answer their questions. Tutors will be in the classroom with the children, organize the process itself, and connect all kinds of equipment. Parents, children, and teachers were sympathetic to the situation. This measure is now forced ", - noted Nadezhda Perfilova, deputy of the MHD of the VII convocation, member of the education commission, director of the State Budgetary Educational Institution of Secondary School No. 2098 named after Hero of the Soviet Union L. M. Dovator...

Updated MES and Microsoft Teams

Distance learning for high school students will be organized with the help of MES and Microsoft Teams: these programs will facilitate the work of teachers, and students will save them from searching for links in various chats to enter a distance lesson. Many updates have been created for the MES for the convenience of all users.

“I tried all the updates myself. First, there is a completely cool button that allows video conferencing. I think it's really great for the guys. But the most important thing is that now the guys can enter the training programs from any device: from a phone, from a tablet, and not just from a stationary computer. The MES library has been expanded. Children can study independently, use everything, for example video lessons, see the material that is assigned to each lesson. And all this on one button, you don't need to do many different movements. And today, at a citywide online meeting for parents, we will explain everything to dads and moms, down to which button to press and how to use it, ”she said. Lyudmila Myasnikova, Chairperson of the City Expert and Advisory Council of the Moscow City Parents' Community at DONM...

As for circles, sections and other institutions of additional education, it has been decided not to open them until November.

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