Jan 29, 2021
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Parliament of Georgia terminates the powers of opposition MPs

Opposition MPs who end the boycott will receive additional rights and powers

On Thursday, January 28, the Committee on Procedural Issues and Rules of the Parliament of Georgia continued discussing the statements on the termination of parliamentary powers received from representatives of opposition parties. The opinion of the committee on procedural matters will be presented at the Bureau meeting shortly. The final decision will be made by the parliament at the first meeting of the spring session.

According to the chairman of the Georgian Dream faction Mamuka Mdinaradze, the command decision on this issue in the “Georgian Dream” has already been made, so the termination of the parliamentary powers of representatives of the opposition forces is only a matter of time, because it is their will. At the same time, the head of the faction noted, it is noticeable that in recent days the opposition is very nervous, in connection with which he can give advice:

“If they are nervous, let them take the applications and they will have a guarantee that their powers will not end.”

However, the vice speaker of parliament David Sergeenko does not agree that parliament will satisfy the opposition’s demand.

“My attitude is that the doors should not be closed. We need to make the most of the opportunity for the opposition to enter parliament, ”

– the vice-speaker considers.

While the parliament was considering the termination of the powers of a number of opposition deputies, representatives of the youth wing of the opposition party “European Georgia” staged a rally under its walls, reminding once again that the results of the last parliamentary elections, in their opinion, were falsified. this is why the opposition is demanding new early elections. Despite the statement by the head of the observer mission, who made a report to PACE that the elections in Georgia were held transparently and in compliance with all democratic norms, the opposition continues to stubbornly insist on its own.

During the rally outside the walls of parliament, its participants released balloons into the sky, tying them to symbolic “deputy mandates”.

“We will continue the struggle until the will of the Georgian people is fulfilled and until what the population of Georgia wants is achieved. The opposition’s refusal of mandates, a boycott of the parliament’s work and the announcement of early elections is the only rational and pragmatic solution created to defuse the unfavorable situation, ”

– quotes the speech of one of the activists of the news agency “Novosti – Georgia”.

In the meantime, “mandates” were flying into the sky, the parliament approved changes in the regulations that increase the rights and powers of opposition deputies.

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On the picture. Action of the youth wing of the European Georgia party on January 28, 2021, source – Sputnik Georgia

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