May 11, 2022
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Parking floor repair

Parking floor repairautoparking

Today, two cars in a family is the norm. The car gives mobility and independence from public transport. On the other hand, the growing number of vehicles requires the organization of new parking spaces. The construction of open and closed parking lots is carried out constantly; concrete mixture with the addition of polymers and plasticizers is used as a material for pouring the floor.

Advantages of concrete pavement

Despite the innovative composition and high strength of concrete, constant dynamic loads and multi-ton weight of equipment lead to the formation of defects on the surface.

If parking floors are not repaired in time, the area of ​​destruction will quickly grow and there will be nothing left but to refill the site again. You can read about the requirements for car parking flooring and the restoration procedure here

In addition to being a proven flooring option for car parks, concrete is widely used in building and highway construction. The advantages of concrete pavement over asphalt are obvious:

  • service life is twice as long;
  • light reflection is 30-50% more efficient, which helps to reduce the ambient temperature by 7%;
  • truck mileage is 20% more than when driving on paved roads.

These qualities of a building material have long been taken into account by the Americans, who concreted more than half of the highways in the country, and the Chinese, who consume 40% of the world’s concrete production.

Interesting facts about concrete

People unfamiliar with the history of building materials often consider concrete the brainchild of technological progress. But scientists are ready to argue with this statement. According to archaeologists, people used building material 6 thousand years ago. Proof of this is a 25-cm concrete strip found in an ancient building on the Danube coast and the Great Wall of China, the construction of which began in the 3rd century BC.

In scientific works, there are studies proving the existence of buildings built of concrete in ancient Rome. Some historians argue that the famous pyramid of Cheops “survived” to this day only because concrete was used in the construction.

Building compositions of the 21st century have much in common with ancient prototypes. But still, advanced production technologies and additional ingredients have significantly enhanced the composition of the material, expanding the scope, including for creating wear-resistant durable coatings in car congestion areas. And to extend the life of the floors and maintain a decent appearance, regular repair of the floor in the parking lot, made by a professional company, will help.

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