May 15, 2022
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Parents sued their son and demand from him either a large amount of money or a grandson

money or grandson is demanded from the sonMoms and dads don’t always get along with older children, but this couple from Haridwar, India, took their son’s dissatisfaction to a new level.

money or grandson is demanded from the son

S. R. Prasad and his wife sued their own son. The young man got married in 2016, and all this time his parents were essentially doing two things – financially supporting their offspring so that he could study in the USA, and also dreaming of a grandson. But six years passed, and Prasad and his wife did not wait for anything. Their financial condition has deteriorated greatly, and morally, nothing has changed – they never nursed their grandson. Now the parents, through the courts, want to receive compensation from the negligent son – he must either pay them $ 645,000 or have a child of any gender within the next calendar year.

money or grandson is demanded from the son

A. K. Srivastava, the lawyer for the plaintiffs, believes that their claims reflect the truth of society. Parents invest a lot of money in children, so grown offspring are also obliged to help parents.

In order for the son to grow up successful, his parents gave him a strange name


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