Jul 20, 2020
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Parents of schoolchildren demand to invalidate the USE results in chemistry due to the high complexity of the tasks

Several petitions with complaints about the unjustified complexity of the tasks on the Unified State Exam in Chemistry appeared on the portal, Rosbalt reports. After the exam on July 16, dozens of graduates and their parents are demanding that it be invalidated.

The author of one petition writes that "the work did not correspond to the level of assignments from FIPI (Federal Institute for Pedagogical Measurements), demos and early versions." "The students were preparing all year for what the FIPI posted on the official website, but another thing came across. The wording of the assignments was new. At the exam, the students were crying, someone was taken away by medical workers! So much effort, nerves, money was spent on training!" - she is indignant.

In another petition, a chemical technologist claims that only scientists could cope with the proposed tasks. “Do you even know that the USE tasks in chemistry are designed for professional chemists?” Wrote the author of the petition, chemical engineer-technologist Sergei Harutyunyan. “Why was it necessary to complicate the wording and posing of questions so much ?! Why, then, are they publishing demos of FIPI at all? , if on the real exam there are no templates and tasks for which the children were really prepared ?! "

Addressing these questions to Minister of Education Sergei Kravtsov, Harutyunyan stressed the fact that schoolchildren dropped out of the educational process for almost 3 months due to quarantine restrictions imposed in connection with the coronavirus pandemic. "But neither the Ministry of Education, nor the authors of the assignments took this into account," he writes. According to the chemist, the USE of this level breaks the psyche of children and undermines their faith in themselves.

“I, and thousands of graduates, their parents and teachers, believe that the assessment of work in this difficult year needs to be adjusted,” stressed Harutyunyan, who works as a laboratory doctor and is the author of 28 articles on biochemistry, ecology, and nature protection.

Tatyana Yakushina's petition addressed to President Vladimir Putin says that the tasks "were 3-4 times more difficult than could be worked out on the websites" I will solve the Unified State Exam "," FIPI "and other materials for preparing for the Unified State Exam." According to her, many children say that they have seen such tasks for the first time.

“I think that due to the fact that the children had to study and prepare for the USE remotely in recent months, it would be advisable to make the exams a little easier, and not to complicate them several times,” she believes.

The mother of one of the graduates writes that her daughter "studied with two chemistry tutors for a year as an addition to the knowledge given at school and solved test problems by 100 points," but on the exam she faced tasks that she had never met before. "We demand to understand this issue and stop bullying children," added the parent. She proposes "to create tests that correspond to the knowledge that is provided by the school curriculum," and also "to reduce the huge difference in what is given in school and what is required for the exam."

The author of the petition also claims that the entire school system is ineffective and is only formally free. "When will the situation when the school does not cope with education and parents are forced to pay extra tutors to get at least a minimum level of knowledge? Why then do we need a free school and why do we spend budget money on school teachers who, it turns out, are not able to give knowledge ? Or is it a deliberate obstacle for children who are going to devote their lives to medicine and saving lives? " - she wrote.

The teacher found it difficult to write the Unified State Exam, but she believes that “basic knowledge” is enough for this

The teachers partly agree with the parents of the students. So, Olga Yumasheva, a chemistry teacher from Krasnoyarsk, tried to pass the exam and was surprised at the tasks she saw. "Poor children! There are tasks that I saw for the first time. Logically, I wrote something, but I don't know how correct it is! I wrote the first part well, but the second part is very clever, there are many pitfalls," said the teacher ... Her words are quoted by NGS24.

During the 3.5 hours that the exam lasted, Yumasheva never left the office. The teacher admitted that the allotted time was barely enough to complete all the tasks, but she could not check them until the end. The results will be known in two weeks.

"I hope I wrote above 85 points," the teacher said. At the same time, she believes that she will be able to apply the experience gained in preparing students for the exam.

Later, the teacher clarified that the tasks are fully consistent with the profile-level program, but they are of different levels of difficulty. So, according to Yumasheva, in the second part of the exam, there are complex equations that are not in textbooks, however, to solve, Olga Yumasheva claims, basic knowledge and the ability to apply them in a non-standard situation are enough.

The teacher stressed that she does not want her words about "poor children" to be used as a "trump card" by those who do not prepare for the test, and then justify the low result by the "impossibility" of the task.

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