Sep 5, 2022
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Parents named their daughter after their favorite Indian snack

name after an Indian snackThe staff at The Captain’s Table restaurant in Newtonabbey, Northern Ireland, didn’t expect one of their dishes to be the name of a little girl.

name after an Indian snack

The restaurant received an online order. The client not only wanted an Indian fried snack called pakora, but also notified the staff that he had recently become the father of a daughter named Pakora. The baby’s parents adore this dish, and therefore they were sure that such a wonderful name would be ideal for the girl. Later, the happy dad sent a photo of Pakora to the restaurant, which touched the hearts of the employees even more.

name after an Indian snack

Discussing the newborn baby girl and her name, some people believe that The Captain’s Table should have given customers a discount. At the same time, many users believe that Pakora is a good nickname for a pet, but certainly not a name for a beloved daughter.

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