Sep 10, 2021
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Paralympian of the Russian national team: “We were told that we interfere with everyone”

Paralympian of the Russian national team: “We were told that we interfere with everyone”

In the Japanese capital Tokyo, the Paralympics ended, in which the Russian team won fourth place, collecting 36 gold, 33 silver and 49 bronze medals.

And if we count on the total shaft, then we are generally third (118), ahead of the United States (104). But is it really a matter of medals when it comes to people overcoming themselves?

It is surprising that Match TV remained the only TV channel that broadcast these competitions. If you conduct a vote on the Internet or ask on the street, it turns out that no one really watched the Paralympics. Over 90 percent abandoned this idea initially. Only a couple of percent of people in our country followed the competition closely. These are mainly relatives of those who performed.

Why it happens? The Olympics cause a flurry of emotions. At every corner they discussed how our volleyball players defeated Brazil in the semifinals, how four Russians met in the final of the tennis mixed.

But now the Paralympics are passing by. But this is a tangle of life stories and human characters. For example, Anastasia Gontar: at the age of 10, the girl noticed a curvature of her posture, and at the age of 12 she was diagnosed with second-degree scoliosis. Within three months, the disease began to progress, a hump appeared. Consultation of doctors, operation, disability. “Now my spine is supported by two plates and eighteen screws,” Gontar says about himself.

But the girl continued to swim. Now she is an international master of sports, a seven-time Russian champion in Paralympic swimming. And then she won the “gold” in Tokyo. Nastya was asked: “Imagine that you have a magic wand and you can change something in our country. What should be done?”

“I would change the attitude of people towards people with disabilities,” she replied. – Many people feel hurt in some way. Some cities do not have adaptive sports sections. I want people with disabilities to be without disabilities. So that they can, like healthy guys, go to sports sections and art circles. To fulfill their dreams, and not close in themselves, considering themselves inferior.

I have come across injustice and misunderstanding in my life. Many said: “You only get in the way on the path.” I remember starting to swim after the operation, and they pulled me by the legs: “What are you doing here? Get out!”

But this is how adolescents behaved with their maximalism. Adults understand, but children also need to explain some things, to lay in them from an early age. And this tolerance must come from the family. “

The big victory is that our athletes with disabilities can again compete in the Paralympics. After all, they were cynically not allowed into Rio 2016. They did not defend them when they accused Russia of doping. Healthy athletes were beaten off, but the Paralympians were not.

And so they returned. Let’s appreciate and respect our athletes.

Stepan Stroyev.

Photo: Russian Paralympic Committee

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