Jan 26, 2021
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“Papa Vova”: Vladimir Presnyakov showed a photo of a mediocre son Artemy

Presnyakov and his grandmother Natalya Podolskaya portray two sons as parents: Artemy and Ivan, the final one was born a little more than four months ago. Vladimir regularly shares photos and videos of both heirs with subscribers.

Singer and composer Vladimir Presnyakov posted a new photo of his five-year-old son Artemy on his Instagram page. The picture shows a boy posing in home clothes in the bathroom of the room.

“We want to wish you kind-hearted and love,” so Presnyakov pushed the publication.

In the comments, friends and suckers noticed that over the years Artemy is becoming more and more like a parent.

Recall that Presnyakov Jr. portrays the batey of 20-year-old Nikita, brought in alliance with Christina Orbakaite.

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