Oct 3, 2021
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Pandemics will last forever

On September 29, The Atlantics published an interview with Dr. Fauci, chief health advisor to Joe Biden, who once again moved flags on the covid slalom track. The direct translation of the title of the article – Fauci: Boosters Are for Keeping People Healthy, Not Alive – looks even “weirder” than its content: “Fauci: Boosters are needed to keep people healthy, not alive.”

The article came out a week after the advisory committees of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention / Federal Agency for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) converged in the opinion that booster shots will not have much effect on the health of Americans. During the discussion, experts from these federal agencies reviewed the safety and efficacy data for vaccines recommended in the United States, but continued to ask two conceptual questions. First, is there any point in booster vaccination? Critics of the continued booster vaccination argued that the drugs were designed to prevent severe hospitalization and death, while “third vaccinations” were more likely to provide only temporary protection against mild and asymptomatic disease. In their opinion, the use of boosters will not bring tangible benefits. The second question was the understanding by a number of experts of the assertion that the “third injections” of mRNA-vaccines only enhance the immune response to specific viruses, but do not give a person “complete protection”. It is clear that this question belongs to the category of “rhetorical”, since complete protection against a constantly mutating virus cannot be by definition, which has long been proven with influenza vaccines.

However, Biden’s advisor Anthony Fauci has his own point of view on this issue, which he promotes in the White House and WHO. And if earlier this “doctor” assumed that booster “third vaccinations” could become “common practice”, then at the Atlantic Forum he took an even tougher position. “Probably, for a truly complete security regime, everyone will need at least a third dose,” he now insists. It is the decoding of this position that is devoted to his interview, which was taken by Ed Yong with one small clarification. Fauci now believes the “third shot” should “eventually become part of the standard regimen” of COVID-19 treatment.

Here are the main refrains from interviews with the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases that are controversial in their own right:

“There was something on the scene that made everything really different: the Delta variant. We have about 70 million people in our country who have not yet been vaccinated ”(note by RIA“ Katyusha ”: 65% of the population is vaccinated in the USA).

“In the context of the Delta variant, which is actually significantly more common than what we were dealing with [весной], I don’t think we should say, “Well, we couldn’t have done anything better,” but I don’t think we can say that something went wrong. “

“We do know that vaccines work really well against Delta. There were diseases among those who were injected, but this is because no vaccine is 100 percent effective. What vaccines have done quite well so far is keeping people from getting to the hospital and eventually dying. “

“Right now, it looks like we are turning a bit around the corner with fewer cases and fewer hospitalizations. Mortality is still on the rise, but it is usually a lagging indicator of what is happening in society. “

“We need to give people readily available tests so they can get an idea of ​​themselves, their families, their workplace, who is infected and who is not. The fact that we had very effective and safe vaccines should not force us to abandon intensive testing. ”

“I speak with our British colleagues and they are very determined to make testing available to almost everyone on their own, at home or anywhere. [и сделать его] very affordable – both in terms of price – and in terms of convenience. “

“Revaccination with the third vaccine for two-dose mRNA [вакцины] should be implemented, and ultimately it will be the correct, complete scheme. The vaccine is very successful. The durability of its operation is a subject of serious discussion, and sometimes even controversy. “

“It’s okay to get infected and get mild to moderate illness unless you go to the hospital and die. And I have to be open and honest: I reject it. I believe that we must prevent people from contracting COVID even if they do not go to the hospital. ”

“We will not let what we have experienced in the past 20 months fade from memory, which means that we are starting right now: preparing for the next pandemic.”

“We are talking about tens of billions of dollars that will be required. I really hope that when we get through this pandemic, and we do, we will not start focusing and concentrating on another issue that distracts us from the extremely difficult period that we have to go through. “

Since Anthony Fauci is now setting the global trend, history is becoming very sad for Russia. We will also promote booster vaccinations against the background of attempts by a number of regions to introduce compulsory vaccination. There will be a ban on professions, which will affect all full-time citizens. Moreover, another segment of the covid business will appear – “readily available tests”, which are unlikely to be issued for free. But even worse is the fact that now another covid wave is being launched at full speed. It can be clearly assumed that decisive events will occur within the next two weeks, when an attempt will be made to limit the “unvaccinated” in elementary rights. At the same time, federal television provokes clashes between the “pricked” and covidoskeptics, although according to the authorities it is known that the vaccinated are completely protected from the fashionable disease and they seem to have nothing to worry about.

An equally strange story is the official equating ARVI to COVID-19 in the Russian Federation from October 1. Naturally, this will give a huge increase in the statistics of morbidity and mortality. Indeed, according to Anastasia Rakova, head of the Moscow Operational Headquarters, a positive test result for a viral disease will be considered a “confirmed case” and such patients will be immediately determined a treatment regimen, given killer drugs, and then they will be put on self-isolation under the constant supervision of the mayor’s DIT. For this, the express tests will be used, for which Fauci is so excited. So, in Russia there is no talk of any sovereignty in healthcare, despite all the amendments to the Constitution. The team of fans of “advanced Chinese experience in building a digital concentration camp” is again inscribing our country and people in the global trend of chaos controlled by globalists, which, according to their plan, should become the foundation of a new brave world.

Dmitry Svetin

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