May 4, 2021
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Panalbanism and Kosovo cut off from Serbia

Biden says Kosovo’s independence is “irreversible”

On April 25, parliamentary elections were held in Albania. Not without scandals and murder. Three days before the vote in Elbosan, clashes between activists of the ruling Socialist Party and the largest opposition Democratic Party killed one and wounded four people. On election day, a police officer was seriously injured in the town of Fouche Arez, near Tirana. In the village of Libofsha there was an attempt to burn down a polling station. And the loudest scandal occurred in Kosovo, from where a delegation headed by the Prime Minister of the “Republic of Kosovo” Albin Kurti arrived for the Albanian elections.

Kurti is the leader of the Pan-Albanian Self-Determination Movement in Kosovo. This year, Self-Determination went to the parliamentary elections in Albania for the first time. True, the March polls showed that less than 1% of Albanian citizens are ready to vote for Pan-Albanians. The prospect of uniting with wild tribesmen from Kosovo, the Albanians are not very happy.

The curator of the Kosovo project from the EU, the European Parliament rapporteur on the Kosovo issue Viola von Cramon, who somehow let slip that she is a lobbyist for Pristina, reacted to the activity of the leader of Self-Determination with a sharp tweet: “I cannot understand what is the matter. On the one hand, everyone in Kosovo complains about interference from Serbia or President Vucic himself, on the other hand, the Kosovo Prime Minister even votes in a neighboring state. Unacceptably. At least for me”

The head of the Chancellery for Kosovo and Metohija under the Government of Serbia, Petar Petkovic, called a spade a spade: “Anyone who has come across Albin Kurti’s plans to create a ‘Greater Albania’ could see today … that his first, only and main goal is to create this dangerous entity that directly undermines peace and stability in the Western Balkans. Kurti’s participation in the elections in Albania and the messages he sent from there were a step forward towards the realization of his idea of ​​Greater Albania … It is necessary to resolutely stand in the way of such ideas “

But it is one thing to say – “resolutely stand up”, another thing – to do so.

Albin Kurti was already the Prime Minister of the “Republic of Kosovo” from February to June 2020. The Americans relied on him as an energetic politician, a dissident who served time for Pan-Albanian propaganda in a Yugoslav prison and never took up arms. However, they miscalculated. The US Republican administration planned the “Balkan mini-Schengen” – economic integration with open state borders with the decisive role of American capital. However, Kurti rested and did not want integration. He replaced 100 percent duties on Serbian goods with “reciprocity measures” and as a result, Belgrade was required to recognize the trade documents of the “Republic of Kosovo”. This would mean the actual recognition of the independence of the former Serbian region. The Serbs could not agree to this. Pristina also did not recognize the Serbian documents, and trade between Serbia and its former autonomous region froze. Kurti openly sabotaged Kosovo’s participation in the Balkan Mini-Schengen initiative, stating that he would prefer either a “big Albanian Schengen” or EU membership.

As a result, the Americans achieved the removal of Kurti: a vote of no confidence was announced through the Kosovo parliament, and an obedient figure was put in his place, with whom the Washington Agreement was signed in September 2020 to normalize economic relations between Serbia and Kosovo. This has become the subject of rather harsh criticism from both the Democrats in the US and the EU.

Joe Biden, having entered the election race, published two programs last October – “The Vision of the US Relations with Albania and Kosovo” and “The Vision of the US Relations with BiH”. Both programs were preceded by an introduction: “It [Байден] met with Slobodan Milosevic, accused him of war crimes, and upon returning to the United States called for an arms embargo in BiH and asked the United States to lead the West in response to Serbian aggression. “

We are especially interested in the first document. Presidential candidate Biden’s Kosovo program said that “Independence of Kosovo is an irreversible process”that Biden “Will insist on the administration of justice for war crimes in Kosovo without fear and will demand full and swift accountability for the missing, including the Byutyuki brothers.” (three brothers Byutyuki – US citizens of Albanian origin, trained for military operations on the side of the Kosovo Liberation Army militants; they were shot by Yugoslavian Interior Ministry officers). Biden also pledged “Invite EU partners and NATO allies to jointly develop a strategy for firmly linking the Western Balkans to Euro-Atlantic institutions”

During the election campaign, Biden paid special attention to the problems of the post-Yugoslav space. And Biden’s entourage did not forget, in particular, about the Panalbanian Kurti who was offended under Trump. And he sang along with the Democrats. “A Voice for Joe Biden is a voice for strengthening shared values ​​of justice, freedom, self-determination and opportunity for all. That is, everything that has always connected the United States of America, Kosovo and the Albanian diaspora as loyal allies “– said Kurti before the US elections.

With the victory of the Democrats in the United States, the Krai’s Constitutional Court, completely dependent on the American curators of the Republic of Kosovo project, which previously upheld the legality of removing the prime minister through a vote of no confidence, “suddenly” found that the vote to remove Kurti was illegal. And therefore, the new government is also illegal, it is necessary to appoint re-elections. This was done: in February, Self-Determination received 48% of the vote in the elections, almost doubling the number of its deputies. After that, the re-elected parliament approved Kurti as prime minister, and he immediately announced that the dialogue with Belgrade was for him in “sixth or seventh place” and that it was necessary “to unite against Serbia.”

Curti immediately urged to vote for his protégé, nominated for the presidency, Vjosu Osmani. The lady studied and taught in the USA. After Belgrade donated 1,000 PCR tests to Kosovo last April, Osmani said the gesture “Unable to erase crimes that have been committed in the past”… And when the former president of Kosovo, former bandit and field commander Hashim Thaci was taken into custody by the Special Court in The Hague, Osmani, becoming and. about. President and traveling in Albania, persistently sought from Tirana official recognition of the “genocide of the Kosovars by the Serbs.”

In early February, the duet of Kurti and Osmani visited the territory of the largest Serbian enclave, Kosovska Mitrovica, demonstrating that Pristina’s power in Kosovo is everywhere. Osmani, elected president of the “Republic of Kosovo”, said that “Peace will be achieved only when Serbia repents”that this country “Must take responsibility for everything she did in Kosovo”, So what “Justice will not be achieved until all Serbian criminals are brought to justice”

“Osmani has good connections in Washington, DC, she has a master’s degree and a doctorate from the United States, – comments the deputy of the National Assembly of Serbia Vladimir Marinkovic. – And this lady has a higher rating in the American establishment than politicians belonging to parties led by former field commanders of the Kosovo Liberation Army. She builds her policy on old propaganda stories, according to which the Serbs are to blame for everything that happened in the 90s “

With the coming to power of the Osmani-Kurti duo, the number of attacks on Serbs in Kosovo has increased dramatically. People are already demonstratively beaten in Serbian enclaves – in Kosovska Mitrovica in the north and in Gracanica in the south. The perpetrators of the beatings either cannot be found, or the incidents are declared a “regular fight”. And in response to the inclusion of the European organization for the protection of cultural heritage Our Europe medieval Serbian monastery Visoki Decani in the list of seven most endangered monuments in Europe, Osmani and Kurti sent a letter to the organization, where they stated that the architectural object “Has and should not have anything to do with the dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia”… Although Our Europe and did not stutter about it.

And then a certain Council for the Protection of Human Rights and Freedoms in Kosovo came forward, demanding an investigation of the “atrocities” of the abbot of the monastery Savva Janic, who allegedly turned Visoki Dečani into a military base, where he handed out weapons to Serbian militias and held Albanian hostages captive …

And in Washington, meanwhile, they are discussing the inclusion of Madeleine Albright in the process of “dialogue” between Belgrade and Pristina, who in 1999 personally drew on the map the targets at which NATO aircraft hit. And Biden is sending “lovely letters” to the Balkan leaders. In early February, he sent the President of Serbia Aleksandar Vucic “congratulations” on the Day of Statehood of Serbia, in which he announced “The need to conclude a comprehensive agreement between Belgrade and Pristina on the basis of mutual recognition”… Vucic replied in spirit “Thank you, but Belgrade remains at its position”… And after Osmani was elected president of the “Republic of Kosovo”, Biden sent congratulations to her too: “The United States will continue to support efforts to secure a lasting peace through a productive dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia and, ultimately, a comprehensive normalization agreement that we believe should focus on mutual recognition.”

In Pristina, this was greeted with delight. Osmani stated: “We will coordinate every diplomatic step we take with the United States and the Biden administration. Our Jerusalem is there “

Everything is ready for the decisive attack of the West on the post-Yugoslav space. And there is no doubt that such an attack will occur.

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