Sep 7, 2021
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Pamfilova’s war with the clones: the Empire tries to retaliate

Photo: election poster with three Boris Vishnevsky

In the photo: an election poster with three Boris Vishnevsky (Photo:

Chairman of the Central Election Commission Ella Pamfilova not at all like the hero of the space opera “Star Wars” Master Yoda. She is somewhat taller and cannot boast of either green skin or huge protruding ears. Well, she didn’t chop the Kazakhstani bum who entered the house with a lightsaber, but simply beat him with a chair.

However, the Master and the Chairman have similar episodes in the biography: both were noted in the battles with the clones. Yoda fought the cultivated stormtroopers of the treacherous Chancellor Palpatine. Pamfilova prefers to drive doubles of the deputy of the St. Petersburg Legislative Assembly from Yabloko and the former brother-in-law Anatoly Chubais mister comrade Boris Vishnevskywho wants to go through to get a mandate for the third time. Ella Aleksandrovna was especially outraged that the doubles before the elections were renamed “Borisov Vishnevskikh”, and even grew beards like the original. She suspects that the beards are drawn and demands from the Vishnevskys to hang photos on the plots “In the form in which they are”… And the best thing is not to participate in the elections at all.

“If you have any remnants of conscience left, collect them in little bundles and withdraw, while there is still an opportunity to withdraw. And you lord Alexey Shmelev, and you, Victor Bykov… And never shake hands with political strategists for such things for which you will be ashamed in front of your children, neighbors, colleagues, relatives. “

Ardently exposing St. Petersburg’s counterparts, Pamfilova for some reason ignores the Moscow ones, of which there are much more. Soon after the nomination of candidates from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation in the capital districts Vitaly Petrova and Nikolay Volkov, appeared there Vasily Petrov and Andrey Volkov from the sides Suraykina “Communists of Russia”. Four more nominees of the Communist Party Sergei Kurgan, Mikhail Tarantsev, Ivan Ulyanchenko and Anastasia Udaltsova opposed by alternative communists Yuri Kurganov, Leonid Tarashchansky, Ilya Ulyanov and Anna Udalova

Apparently, this cloning, like the previous similar actions of “Communists of Russia” in other regions, are sanctioned at the very top. Whereas the appearance of an additional pair of “Vishnevskys” is a local initiative, on the exposure of which you can show your adherence to principles. The only question is, whose initiative?

The main figures of the St. Petersburg “United Russia”, its leader is the chairman of the Legislative Assembly Vyacheslav Makarov and the governor Alexander Beglov for a long time already behave like two bears in the same den. Beglov at the beginning of the year did not hide his desire to remove the speaker from the city, at least to the State Duma. Makarov flatly refused and is now denouncing officials for “Shameless interference” in the elections.

Vishnevsky from United Russia is opposed in the district by the vice-governor for social policy Alexander Rzhanenkov, which is neither “Beglov” nor “Makarov”, but has been sitting in Smolny since the times Valentina Matvienko… But one of the clones of Yabloko, the former Viktor Bykov (who adorned his photo not only with a beard, but also with previously absent bald patches) previously worked as an assistant to the United Russia Deputy Speaker of the Legislative Assembly Sergey Solovyov, who is considered “Makarovts”.

Such an alignment confuses the situation completely, especially since Vishnevsky himself does not accuse either Makarov or Rzhanenkov, and for good reason. By his own admission, he is associated with the first “friendly relations”, but he also calls the second “Dear friend”, emphasizing that he is “The best of all who now work in Smolny”

There is an opinion that a very cunning intrigue is being carried out in the district. Attention is drawn to the fact that Rzhanenkov, most likely, wins in it, and Vishnevsky does not really need a victory. He, like the last two times, almost certainly passes on the party list. The danger lies not in the vice-governor getting a deputy mandate, but in his possible subsequent election to Makarov’s place with the risk of establishing full control of the administration over the city parliament. But if the dirty tail of the scandal with doubles reaches after the vice-governor, the current speaker has nothing to worry about.

If the doubles are removed, the “fruit” candidate will have a chance to win. Such technologies have been used more than once, but almost never worked. The most affected by the clones was the Minister of Labor and Social Development in the government Sergei Kirienko Oksana Dmitrieva… In the 2016 Duma elections, she received 31,124 votes, and housewives – second Oksana Dmitrieva and Olesya Dmitrieva 9031. For the winning candidate from United Russia Mikhail Romanov 40 834 people voted, that is, a little more than for all the ladies, and some part of St. Petersburg residents supported the Dmitriev doubles deliberately. They were nominated by the parties “Civil Power” and “Greens”, which had their supporters in the city, albeit very few.

The clones are unlikely to take away so many votes from Vishnevsky. For several weeks now, from all the TVs, refrigerators and irons, the constituency voters have been tirelessly explaining which of Borisov is the real one. The dismissal of the true Vishnevsky from the elections by the territorial election commission, followed by his solemn restoration by the election commission, also contributed to the recognition.

It is characteristic that the electoral commission seemed to be deliberately set up. He clung to the fact that the document on the nomination of the candidate is not signed on every page and is stapled, not stitched. After that, its chairman emphasized that “The law does not provide for such a requirement”… The skyline, to which the lower authority openly declared its own lawlessness, could not help but restore the victim. Moreover, he was supported by the authoritative owner of the pro-Kremlin media group “Patriot” Evgeny Prigozhin

With PR from the Kremlin regime in the person of Pamfilova and Prigogine, the irreconcilable opposition leader Vishnevsky can be elected calmly. And do not even resort to your own fallback: to distinguish yourself from the doubles, advancing under your father’s surname Rabbit

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