Sep 22, 2022
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Painful appearance of Boris Korchevnikov struck fans


Presenter Boris Korchevnikov shared a fresh shot on his Telegram channel, where he looks very thin and haggard.

Fresh footage of sick Boris Korchevnikov seriously frightened his fans. As you can see, the presenter has lost a lot of weight after a recent operation. His face was haggard and black circles appeared under his eyes. Fans suspect that Korchevnikov is hiding the terrible truth about his health from them.

In his Telegram channel, Korchevnikov published a photo with a package that is intended for residents of Donbass. He also spoke about his participation in the collection and sending of humanitarian aid. The presenter showed what kind of things people who cared about sent to the editorial office of the Spas channel. All of them have been assembled into a huge cargo, which is already ready for shipment.

Boris Korchevnikov
Boris Korchevnikov

One of the amazing parcels to the front”, Signed photo Korchevnikov.

“Subscribers paid attention not to the boxes, but to the appearance of Korchevnikov. His face was haggard, there were dark circles under his eyes, ”the Fifth Channel writes.

Korchevnikov did not answer questions about his health, which only further fueled rumors about a sharp deterioration in his condition.

It is worth noting that in the middle of summer, the presenter spoke about another operation on his head. Doctors are trying to save the TV star from total hearing loss. “Everything should recover, and the most serious stage of treatment, I hope, is over“, – said Korchevnikov.

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