Jun 16, 2022
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Packing your suitcase properly

Packing your suitcase properly

How can you collect everything you need for a vacation, and not carry a whole closet with you? It turns out that this is quite real.

All kinds of T-shirts and T-shirts.

All girls are well aware that a T-shirt is an indispensable piece of clothing for any style. For example, a multilayer ensemble will come in handy on the road. And it is impossible to do without a T-shirt when creating it. It is best to choose a pair of black as well as white t-shirts. Don’t forget to bring a couple of bright t-shirts.


Every girl has a dress in her wardrobe. It is beautiful and comfortable. Therefore, it is indispensable when traveling. If you are going on the road, then take a satin or jersey dress. These fabrics wrinkle less and smooth out faster. Don’t forget the classic little black dress. It is best if it is from jersey.


This is a universal type of clothing. You can wear a tunic not only as a dress, but also with trousers, capris, and even shorts. When traveling, take a pair of tunics in neutral colors. Then they can be combined with any bottom. It is also best to choose clothes from satin and jersey.


It can keep you warm if it’s cold. Cold wind and drafts will not be afraid of you if you took a cardigan. Yes, and it should be borne in mind that this is a very stylish thing, adopted in Europe. Therefore, every fashionista should have such clothes in her wardrobe.

Classic black pants.

The style of trousers depends only on your tastes and features of the figure. These are versatile clothes that are ideal for going to the theater and relaxing in the club. One has only to complement the trousers with a blouse or a tunic – and you can go out.


This is nothing more than cropped trousers. They are perfect for almost everyone. Therefore, bring breeches or capris with you. It is best if they are in a neutral color. Then they can be combined with any top: from a T-shirt to a tunic!

Trench coat (black).

It can be worn in autumn and spring. It will protect from the cold when the cardigan is already small. It also refers to very stylish things. Therefore, it should be available in the wardrobe of every fashionista.


It is always needed. After all, now everywhere there are indoor pools.

Elegant shoes.

Any trip requires the presence of three different pairs of shoes. The first one is weekend shoes. It is preferable that they be low-heeled to be comfortable. The second pair are comfortable sandals. And the third is elegant and beautiful high-heeled shoes. Don’t forget the bright colors too.


What should be taken? A bright belt that will match your outfits, a fashionable roomy bag where you will carry documents and important things. And, of course, sunglasses.

And now, you are ready to go on a journey!

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