Jan 26, 2021
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PACE calls on Georgian opposition to start working in parliament

Tbilisi hopes that Georgian opposition forces will listen to PACE’s appeal and abandon the boycott

On Monday, January 25, in Strasbourg, the winter session of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) began its work, at which a delegation of parliamentary deputies from the Georgian Dream faction is present from Georgia.

Head of the Georgian delegation Kakhi Kuchava made a report in PACE on how the parliamentary elections were held in Georgia, during which “Maximum transparency of the expression of the will of the people in full compliance with international standards”

“However, the main opposition forces refuse to enter parliament, despite calls from diplomats to move political debate from the streets to the walls of the legislature. We hope that the opposition will still use the mandates given to it by 800,000 voters and return to the democratic process, from the street to parliament, because there is no evidence that would question the election results, ”

– noted Kuchava.

The meeting also heard a report on the parliamentary elections in Georgia, prepared by the PACE observer mission.

According to this report, parliamentary elections in Georgia were largely competitive and major freedoms were protected.

“However, there were facts of pressure on voters, there was a blurring of the boundaries between the ruling party and the state, as well as weak regulation of campaign finance, which, according to observers, weakened voters’ confidence”

– reads the report made by the head of the PACE observers Tin Cox

After the report, he appealed to representatives of the Georgian opposition parties to end the boycott of the legislature. Tin Cox is sure that the elections were held in accordance with international standards, and minor violations that are observed during any electoral process in all countries could not change the will of the voters. However, the very process of boycotting parliamentary work “Contradicts the very essence of elections, which imply representation of the electorate in parliament”

“Our co-rapporteurs have already called on them to take seats in the new parliament to strengthen democracy in Georgia. In our opinion, this is reasonable advice “,

– noted Cox.

Member of the Permanent Delegation of the Parliament of Georgia to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe and Vice President of the Assembly Irakli Kobakhidze hopes that the opposition forces of Georgia will listen to the appeal of the head of the PACE observers and refuse the boycott.

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