Oct 9, 2021
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PACE and EU have called for the abolition of the death penalty. Senator retorted with uncomfortable questions

PACE and the EU called on the Belarusian authorities to abolish the death penalty. Federation Council Senator Alexei Pushkov, however, countered with inconvenient questions, answers to which “have not been heard from any Western organization for many years.”

Federation Council Senator Alexei Pushkov in his Telegram channel commented on the call of the EU and PACE representatives to the Belarusian authorities regarding the need to abolish the death penalty.

The relevant statements of the European Union and the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe were timed to coincide with the upcoming World Day against the Death Penalty, which is celebrated on 10 October.

PACE spokesman Vladimir Vardanyan stressed that Belarus is currently the only European state where such a punishment is still used.

Pushkov, however, criticized the PACE statement. He cited formulations that aroused his particular indignation. The Russian senator pointed to the phrase that the death penalty is an inhuman and degrading punishment that contradicts the right to life.

He wondered how, in this case, to relate to the right to life of those who became victims of maniacs, terrorists, “leaders of the Hitlerite Reich”:

Or were the decisions of the Nuremberg Tribunal wrong? Or the execution of Eichmann in Israel? And it was necessary to preserve their dignity? For many years I have not heard an answer to these questions from any Western organization.

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