Apr 20, 2022
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Owlet that fell out of nest was rescued by firefighters

owlet that fell out of the nestFirefighters from Los Angeles (California, USA) have proven that when it comes to saving wildlife, they are not going to stand on the sidelines.

owlet that fell out of the nest

The brigade, which left on the next call, went to save a little owlet that had fallen out of the nest. Hayley Denny picked up the fluffy white chick from the ground and, climbing the ladder, put him back in his native home.

owlet that fell out of the nest

A photo of a mother owl has also surfaced online, staring at the intruder with a rather puzzled expression. Firefighters added that they are not experts on owl faces, but they want to believe that in a photo with an adult bird, you can see at least glimpses of gratitude for the fact that the chick was helped.

Mom and son had to jump from the balcony because of the fire


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