Jan 25, 2021
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Over 100 protesters detained in Amsterdam

Demonstrations against restrictive measures against COVID-19 were held in Amsterdam over the weekend, during which Dutch police detained more than 100 people, reports the Netherlands Broadcasting Corporation (NTK).

According to information from law enforcement agencies, about 1.5 thousand citizens took part in unauthorized protests. Protesters threw firecrackers at police officers and set fire to trash cans.

So, to disperse the demonstrations, law enforcement officers were forced to use force, the police resorted to the use of water cannons and batons, and tear gas was used in Eindhoven.

It is noted that the guards detained the protesters for refusing to obey the established requirements, they feared “the spread of coronavirus and disturbance of public order.”

On Sunday, residents of other localities took to the streets, including Arnhem, Apeldoorn, Venlo, The Hague, Roermond, Stein, Tilburg, Helmond and Enschede.

Earlier, the Dutch authorities extended the lockdown introduced on December 15 until February 9. The country is now under curfew.

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