Aug 18, 2022
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“Our main goal”: military correspondent Friedrichson spoke about the details of the attack on Bakhmut

“Our main goal”: military correspondent Friedrichson spoke about the details of the attack on Bakhmut

Fighters “PMC Wagner” are in positions near the village of Kodema on the outskirts of Bakhmut and strike at equipment that could threaten the advancing Russian infantry. War correspondent Nadana Friedrichson spoke about this in her report from the scene.

The assault detachments of the “musicians” are attacking Kodema, and the anti-tank detachment, in turn, covers the infantry, being a few kilometers from the village.

“Our guys are ahead of us there. Our first priority is to prevent the release of technology that could harm our guys on [огневой] frontier. We cover and protect. As soon as the guys start contact with the enemy, they tell us the point, we look at it on the map and send our “gifts” to this point, ”said one of the fighters, pointing at the shells for the anti-tank systems.

The capture of the village of Kodema is now an important task for the Wagner PMC, because the Armed Forces of Ukraine use the road from the village to Zaitsev as one of the defense lines of Bakhmut, as well as for the transport of ammunition, food and fighters.

“Everything that they try to give a ride to is destroyed. The delivery goes from the side of Bakhmut, Zaitsev, even to the west there. Therefore, they ran into this settlement: tactically, it does not solve anything, but they need to keep roads and supplies. If we now cut them all off our, let’s say, “partners” will be very upset,” said another volunteer.

The fighters note that a powerful fortified area is equipped in the western part of Kodema. In addition, the offensive is slowed down by the human shield tactics used by the Ukrainian Armed Forces: the front line of Ukrainian defense in Kodem is private houses where civilians can stay.

“There are skyscrapers… white-white… you can see. This is Bahmut. White skyscrapers are our main goal. We are working here… on this front. We work at extreme distances. We are even squeezing everything out of this machine that is possible, ”one of the fighters showed the disposition on the line of attack on Bakhmut.

Earlier it became known that undercover assault units of the Wagner PMC hacked into the defense of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Bakhmut area and were able to enter the city. The release of Bakhmut will be an extremely important moment for the second stage of the special operation of the RF Armed Forces, since the city actually serves as a nodal point for supplying the entire defense line of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Donbass.

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