Nov 11, 2021
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Our expensive gasoline: Yankees buy fuel 10 times cheaper than Russians

Our expensive gasoline: Yankees buy fuel 10 times cheaper than Russians

Photo: Vyacheslav Prokofiev / TASS

Gasoline has risen in price again, although, according to the Federal State Statistics Service, it seems like not much – in a week on average by 12 kopecks per liter. Since the beginning of the year, the growth has already reached 10%, and this is not the limit. According to forecasts, already at the beginning of 2022, we will finally overtake the United States in terms of retail cost of motor fuel.

12 kopecks at an average price of about 49 rubles per liter is 13.5% per annum. Thus, we can say that “at the moment” there is an increase in the rate of rise in fuel prices. Retail. But wholesale prices, as recently announced by the Russian Fuel Union, have already risen by 25-30%. Only with what such joy?

In the US, gasoline is also not getting cheaper, “Regular” (an analogue of our 92nd) on average in the country at the time of this writing has risen in price by 7 cents per week to $ 3.421 per gallon ($ 0.75 per liter). Translated into rubles, this is 53.6 rubles per liter. We seem to be cheaper so far.

However, it is incorrect to compare the situation in the United States and in the Russian Federation, our country exports oil, while America imports. More than 50% of fuel in the United States is produced from imported raw materials, respectively, the price of a gallon of gasoline directly depends on the cost of a barrel.

Our domestic barrel has only an internal ruble cost, and its contribution to the price of fuel at filling stations does not exceed 5-6%. No one has sharply raised taxes to oil workers this year either, they also do not index salaries, and accordingly, there are no prerequisites for an increase in the cost of fuel.

And America is not a decree for us. Yes, since the beginning of the year a gallon of fuel there has become one and a half times more expensive. However, the price of oil, and, accordingly, of motor fuel, is formed precisely on the American stock exchanges, and it does not depend at all on the supply-demand balance. The world has not started to consume more fuel one and a half to two times at once, but it is easy to pump more money into the trading system of the exchange and open futures positions for purchase. This is exactly how the price of “black gold” is formed – at the request of the American private issuer of dollars, the Federal Reserve System.

Are Americans suffering from this? Indisputably. But very moderately. The average US household’s car mileage is 22,000 miles per year – about 36,000 kilometers. With an average consumption of 10 liters per 100 km, we get $ 2700. This is now, after the rise in price. It seems like a solid amount. But the average annual spending of such an “average” household is $ 62,000. That is, the cost of fuels and lubricants is only 4.3% of this amount.

But even a thousand dollars taken from the pocket of an American family is very annoying to many. In the United States, the popularity of the “left” is growing, and such figures as a member of the House of Representatives Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are no longer surprising. Further, apparently, it will only get worse.

“America is degrading, when I came here to live almost 30 years ago, this was not the case. The bipolar world, where the US authorities had to look back at the USSR in terms of social policy, still had a huge advantage. And now the bankers and their henchmen do whatever they want. It becomes very uncomfortable here for us. Many hoped for Swap, in a number of not particularly prosperous localities 90% and more voted for him. But Trump was thrown out of the White House, and all his undertakings were flushed down the toilet. And the discontent of the people, especially in the outback, is growing. That is why they are “tightening the screws” in terms of the powers of the police, the FBI and other “siloviki”. They are afraid that Redneck John will pull his Winchester out of the closet. Plus, anti-Semitism is growing rapidly, it is no secret to anyone who owns banks and other financial structures, ”says one of our former compatriots.

Let the Americans figure it out for themselves, these are their problems. And the fuel there, as we see, costs a penny. For comparison: the average mileage of a passenger car in Russia is 16.7 thousand km per year. With the same 10 liters per 100 km and a price of 50 rubles per liter, we get 83,500 rubles. According to Rosstat, the average monthly salary in Russia is a mythical 59,000 rubles. True, 90% of the residents of “erefia” have never seen such money, independent analysts talk about the amount of no more than 20 thousand rubles a month. But even according to the “scraped” statistics, 12% of the earned is spent on gasoline! It turns out that today fuels and lubricants are three times more expensive than in the USA …

Although in fact – every ten! Moreover, all the money that we pay for fuel flows abroad.

In the cost of a liter of fuel at a Russian gas station, about 70% are various taxes and excise taxes, which, as you know, are plundered by government officials and transferred to their foreign accounts. The prime cost of raw materials is only about 5-6%, and about the same – all other costs, including transportation. 20% – the income of oil companies, they are also converted into dollars-euros and sent abroad. It turns out that with our wallets we support the economy of the United States and the European Union, the bowels of Russia are being plundered, and the country is left with mere crumbs – the salaries of oil workers, refinery workers and other cashiers of gas stations.

Expensive fuel is not only an exorbitant burden on citizens. The entire economy suffers, and agriculture suffers the most, which is already dragging out a miserable existence. However, the huge fuel component painfully hits all sectors of the dying economy of “erefia”.

Can you do it differently? Easily! For example, in Iran, gasoline in our money, according to GlobalPetrolPrices, costs only 4 rubles 20 kopecks. The state releases it at cost, so that the citizens and the country’s economy can live easier. And this gives tangible results. The production (and export!) Of steel, aluminum is growing at an unprecedented rate in the world, petrochemistry, mechanical engineering, the nuclear industry, construction and other industries are progressing. In general, according to the results of the “Iranian year” (ended on March 20, 2021), the industrial production index increased by about 10%. This is exactly PRODUCTION! Not oil and gas production. The country’s GDP as a whole fell slightly – the result of US sanctions. But the Persians are calm about this, they themselves will get more oil and gasoline.

“Iran is accustomed to living under sanctions that date back to the 1979 revolution. Since then, the country has demonstrated a unique example of maintaining internal socio-economic stability, which became possible primarily due to the development and diversification of import substitution, ”explains Vahe Davtyan, Doctor of Political Sciences, President of the Energy Security Institute (Yerevan).

By the way, all of the above figures were achieved at a much higher fuel cost – about 12-15 rubles per liter. In 2019, American government hackers “collapsed” the Iranian national fuel and lubricants trading system, it was repaired just the other day.

But, as they say, not Iran alone. In Syria, where the Russian authorities are strenuously “sawing” the money of “respected, you panic, raseyan”, gasoline costs 16 rubles per liter. Okay, Syria is poor, but in the super-rich Kuwait – for some reason, only 24 rubles. In Turkmenistan – 30 rubles, in Kazakhstan – about the same.

Lowering the price of fuel in Russia to 6-8 rubles per liter is not a problem at all, and this will give a colossal economic effect. And in the countryside, and in all other sectors of the economy.

“Let’s reduce the price of gasoline to 10 rubles per liter. This will help both citizens and the economy, stimulate production in Russia, because everything – raw materials, delivery – will become sharply cheaper, “the leader of the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia (LDPR) suggested last year Vladimir Zhirinovsky… For all his ostentatious “clowning”, this politician regularly gives out perfectly competent ideas.

On the contrary, the government is preparing the residents of “erefia” for completely prohibitive fuel prices.

“The damping mechanism allows today to reduce the price level that could have been if this mechanism did not exist. That is, today the price would be ten rubles higher at gas stations, if the damping mechanism did not work, “the Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation said recently Alexander Novak

This very “damping mechanism” is the transfer of budget money to oil companies. Our money with you! Oil workers are, as it were, “compensated” for the “lost profit” that they could have had by selling fuel not in the Russian Federation, but abroad. This mechanism receives “subsidies”, including the state “Rosneft”, which is generally beyond good and evil.

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