Apr 30, 2021
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Our armored train is on a side track!

Our armored train is on a side track!

For the first time in recent years, Russia has so openly demonstrated to the whole world its combat power, pulled up to the western borders of the country. It was officially announced that our exercises are being conducted in response to NATO maneuvers.

Every day, all the largest Western publications began to publish materials about the advancement of Russian troops, especially since our heavy weapons were put up for satellite imagery like a parade in order to ensure the greatest visibility of their presence. Military experts could hardly count the heavy equipment located on the sites of the field camps. Western propagandists used this as proof of Moscow’s “aggressive plans”. But the effect exceeded expectations. In Europe, the United States and Ukraine, the demonstration of weapons has caused serious concern, and regional Ukrainian authorities have begun to ask the United States for help in organizing territorial defense.

The final was the words of Vladimir Putin, quoted by all Western media, from his message to the Federal Assembly, when he warned opponents as never before not to cross the “red lines” in relations with Russia.

Maneuvers in the Crimea with the participation of 40 warships forced the United States to abandon the entry of two of its destroyers into the Black Sea at that time. In addition, the Caspian flotilla with landing and small rocket ships entered the shallow Sea of ​​Azov, which indicated the likelihood of a landing in Mariupol in the event of the outbreak of hostilities in the Donbass.

International observers could not fail to note the skill of the Russian pilots, who during the Crimean maneuvers “flew at extremely low altitudes in difficult weather conditions.” Fifty fighters were deployed for maneuvers in the Crimea, which was confirmed by images of American satellites.

The European press, trying to convince the townsfolk of Russia’s aggressive intentions, published satellite images of 15 Su-34s, demonstratively placed on display by spy satellites. British military experts believe that these aircraft should be at the forefront of the attack by Russian troops.

Never before have the Western media made such an advertisement for Russian weapons. So, the Daily Mail in detail, with barely concealed envy, reported the tactical and technical data of our aircraft, noting that they are gaining speed at 1367 miles per hour and have a set of laser-guided missiles, as well as a 30-millimeter cannon that makes 1800 rounds per minute.

The British press also reported that satellites recorded 15 points of activity of Russian troops along the border with Ukraine, but experts say the strongest signal to Kiev was the deployment of fighter-bombers on the border, providing ground forces with superiority on the battlefield.

CIA Director William Burns can be said to have saved President Volodymyr Zelensky when he timely warned the White House administration and politicians who were pushing Ukraine to march against the DPR and LPR that the United States and its allies in Europe should take very seriously the concentration of Russian military power that provides the basis for a limited operation in Ukraine.

As a result, according to the Daily Mail, Zelensky began to assure that Ukraine would never start a war, and called for a reduction in tensions. The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine also said that no offensive on Donbass was planned and the conflict should be resolved by diplomatic means. This means that the “End call” team has come to Kiev from Washington.

These days, the withdrawal of Russian military units from the border to their places of permanent deployment began, which became one of the main news in the United States and Europe. However, our army left the heavy weapons for new maneuvers.

Nikolay Ivanov


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