Aug 8, 2022
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Otar Kushanashvili went over Dmitry Pevtsov for his words about Kirkorov


Actor and deputy Dmitry Pevtsov has changed with the new appointment.

Recently, Dmitry Pevtsov demanded to cancel the concerts of Philip Kirkorov in the Crimea, calling the performances of the king of pop an abomination. A corresponding petition was even created, but the singer nevertheless spoke not only to fans, but also to wounded soldiers in the hospital.

The 52-year-old star of the series “Gangster Petersburg” spoke unflatteringly about Philip Bedrosovich, demanding the cancellation of his concerts. The king of pop did not boldly answer Pevtsov, saying only: “The dog barks, the caravan moves on,” when his performances nevertheless took place. Such a skirmish of celebrities could not bypass the journalist Otar Kushanashvili.

Dmitry Pevtsov - photo from the archive -
Dmitry Pevtsov – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

Pevtsov came to me to shoot in the program “Save me, I don’t know how to cook”, he was the gentlest, kindest, most witty person. What happens to them when you know what is called a badge is attached to the lapel … He enters into a fight with Philip Kirkorov, calls him a Satanist, calls his program satanic dances, says: “Do not shake hands with the devil, his hand is empty” … Singers suddenly takes care of culture in such a way that, with foam on his lips, he seeks the cancellation of Philip Kirkorov’s concerts. I have sad news for Dmitry Pevtsov, to whom I have always had sympathy – Kirkorov outlives you … He will outlive everyone who does not love Kirkorov”, – stood up for the king of the pop scene Otar Shalvovich in the show “What is it ?!” on YouTube.

It is worth noting that producer Iosif Prigozhin also stood up to defend the artist, rebuffing Dmitry Pevtsov.

Now it is categorically unacceptable to make such aggressive statements against your colleagues. If you start now, as they say, to bomb on every occasion, then you can get to the bottom of everyone and you can pick up some kind of claim against everyone. Today we need to be more careful about such statements, because now we must be united“, – says 53-year-old Iosif Igorevich.

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