May 3, 2021
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Oscar-winning short film caught in plagiarism

The short film Two Distant Strangers, which won an Oscar at the 2021 Academy Awards, was caught plagiarized.

Oscar-winning short film caught in plagiarism

Cynthia Cao, a young screenwriter and director, voiced her claims. She told in 2016 that she released a storyline that features Groundhog Day for an African American. Uncle hurries home to his mother, but falls into a time loop, colliding with a policeman.

According to Kao, the Oscar-winning short is exactly the same story, with one difference. In this version, the guy is attracted to the dog’s home.

Kao also noted that in 2020, representatives of the Now This News fraternity contacted her and asked to publish the picture on Youtube. Allegedly, he safely lay down on the canvas of protests of black Americans over the murder of George Floyd.

Subsequently, it turned out that the producers of this fraternity met with participation in the project “Two Distant Strangers” for Netflix.

Photo: still from the movie “Two Distant Strangers”

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