Jan 10, 2021
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Oriental medicine: feng fu point for body rejuvenation and energy activation

Oriental medicine: feng fu point for body rejuvenation and energy activation

Eastern medicine works wonders. It is based on knowledge about special points of our body, such as feng fu. The experts talked about what this point is and how it will help you rejuvenate and increase energy.

We have already talked about how to become more active and energetic with the help of three simple exercises for every day. Influencing the feng fu point will enhance the effect of these practices and perfectly complement them, and may even become the basis for gaining strength.

This is a very dignified energy center of our body. The thing is that at the point of feng fu there will be a center of breathing and regulation of blood pressure. Even from the point of view of standard medicine, this point is very dignified.

To find it, you need to feel for a hole in the back of your head. There is a stripe in which the head joins the neck. This is one of the most vulnerable parts of the body. Actually she bears the title of feng fu.

If there is a failure in the operation of this point, then:

old age comes to a person faster; he feels very exhausted; he has a craving for harmful mods.

Actually, therefore, this point must be continuously influenced in order to stimulate its normal and effective work. Eastern sages say that it helps to rejuvenate the body, gain strength, increase immunity and fight harmful modes: smoking, alcoholism and many others.

Massage… You can ask someone to massage this point for you, or do it yourself. This must be done very sparingly, without much pressure. It is necessary to massage feng fu with circular movements or drive fingers in a straight line. As far as the exposure time is concerned, there are no definite rules. Someone needs a couple of minutes in the evening before going to bed, while someone needs to massage it longer and several times a day. You need to try until you feel an influx of strength and positive energy. It is very cool to meditate after the massage and carry out other internal practices.

Apply ice… This can be done every day, but be careful. Keep ice briefly and do not tolerate frost. As if you will feel great discomfort, you must get up without fail. This procedure rejuvenates the body and relieves stress after a disastrous day at work. It is recommended to spend it as if in the evening, so in the morning. The ideal time to hold ice on a feng fu point is 30 seconds.

The impact on the feng fu point also helps in the war with the symptoms of sickness. If you have a fever and head hurts, you can work on this point to eliminate the unpleasant sensations. Remember this point and try to massage it more often.

Earlier, experts talked about what such a person’s chakras are and for what each of them is responsible. Impact on the feng fu point has a very beneficial effect on the chakras, and on everything, and not only on those located in the head and neck area. It will help you boost your energy and find happiness.

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