Apr 18, 2021
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Orient Express: Turkey sends Syrian mercenaries to Donbass

Orient Express: Turkey sends Syrian mercenaries to Donbass

Photo: Yuri Smityuk / TASS

Ukrainian special services, with the help of Turkish colleagues, are recruiting Syrian mercenaries, according to sources on the WarGonzo Telegram channel. They are recruiting in northern Syria. There is an agitation in Arab social networks. In this, Ukraine is assisted by representatives of the Turkish special services in charge of the armed formations of terrorists in the SAR.

For participation in the war in Ukraine, they promise 2 thousand dollars, the advantage is given to Russian-speaking mercenaries who fought in the Caucasus and Syria.

The authors of the Telegram channel are convinced that the Kiev authorities are trying to revive the “battalion Dudaeva”, Which in 2014-2015 was formed from radical-minded people from the North Caucasus who permanently resided in Ukraine or fled there after the first and second Chechen campaigns.

It should be reminded that during the second Karabakh war, information appeared about the participation of mercenaries from Syria. By the way, recently, the same WarGonzo, referring to the Arabic-speaking social networks, reported that the Turkish “soldiers of fortune” who participated in the battles in Nagorno-Karabakh complained about the lack of payments.

– Previously, the market for mercenaries was monopolized by the United States, but recently official Ankara has strongly pushed its main NATO ally, creating very tough competitive conditions for it. The Turkish market for hiring fighters itself is currently organized in Syria in the territories controlled by Turkey, – explains Associate Professor of the Department of Political Science and Sociology of the Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, member of the Expert Council “Officers of Russia” Alexander Perendzhiev.

– Official Ankara has already gained rich experience in using hired thugs in Libya in battles on the side of the so-called Government of National Accord. Under the banner of the PNS, in fact, is hiding an “ordinary” terrorist organization, which puts on the shirt of a civilized state.

After the coup d’etat, the new Kiev authorities attracted Ankara to their side, creating the extremist organization “Crimean Tatar Mejlis” *, banned in Russia. What prompted the descendants of the Ottomans to hope for the return of the Crimea under their subordination. Today’s Kiev, in fact, is a partner of the official Ankara in the market of “terrorist services”, since state terrorism, both external and internal, has been the official policy of the current Ukrainian authorities since February 2014.

“SP”: – MCan these people somehow influence the course of hostilities?

– In a sense, they can. But here is a double-edged sword. By attracting extremists of all stripes to its territory, official Kiev contributes to an increase in the criminal threat in its country. After all, mercenaries love to receive money, but not to sacrifice themselves. They don’t care where to rob, kill, rape. And they will do this, first of all, in the territories controlled by Kiev.

By hiring international bandits, the top leadership of Ukraine puts itself on a par with such a quasi-state as ISIS, banned in Russia *. By the way, the implementation of sabotage and terrorist acts, primarily against Russia, is the provision of the official Ukrainian military doctrine.

“SP”: Is Turkey crossing the red line here? In any case, they use weapons and militants to “warm up” Kiev, is this normal for our relations with Erdogan?

– Of course, for us this is a fact that introduces serious disagreements in Russian-Turkish relations. It seems that we are dealing with two different Turkey: friendly and hostile. Especially with regard to Donbass and Crimea.

But I can tell you with confidence that if Russia had not returned Crimea to its structure, today Turkey would bend its line in every possible way for the return to its subordination of both our Black Sea coast and Abkhazia. And without Crimea, after 2017 we would have had the Black Sea Flotilla, and not the powerful fleet as it is now.

Crimea is not the object of our dispute with Ankara. This is our response to expansion. There are still hopes to reconcile the differences between Russia and Turkey through diplomacy and to cut off recruitment channels for Ukraine. Although, as I said earlier, it remains to be seen who this will be a threat to – for Donbass, or still for the rest of Ukraine.

“SP”: We have already deprived the Turks of tourists, maybe it is worth making a harsher threat when it comes to mercenaries?

“Threats cannot help here. The intensification of the recruitment of militants in Syria by Turkey and Ukraine is a very high area of ​​risks for the security of these states. Therefore, sometimes it is better to act using the methods of military-political aikido.

– Kiev and Ankara have been actively cooperating in different directions in recent years. Probably, Turkey regards Ukraine as a part of its “Turkic world” and may well contribute to its militaristic aspirations. And Syria is an inexhaustible source of manpower, continues the conversation Alexey Ilyashevich, expert of the analytical portal

– In general, modern wars cannot do without mercenaries, this is no longer news. In wars such as the Donbass, the line between volunteer and mercenary is almost erased. Because both get paid.

“SP”: – The authors of WarGonzo are convinced that the Kiev authorities are trying to revive the “Dudayev battalion”. What’s the point? Has he distinguished himself in some way earlier?

– I can’t remember any achievements. This battalion became famous only for the battles for Debaltsevo and Ilovaisk – both cities of the Armed Forces of Ukraine eventually surrendered. On the other hand, among the natives of the North Caucasus one can find people who, for ideological reasons, are strongly “charged” for the war with Russia. It’s personal to them. In the same way, the Don Cossacks in 2014 organized an organized trip to help Donbass, guided by their specific ideas about history and politics. etc.

I don’t think mercenaries can change the course of the war. Now in the Donbass two professional, well-trained, fired armies are fighting. The Varangians can help them, but no more.

“SP”: – How can Russia answer? Whom to send to help Donbass?

– I think that in Russia there are many caring people who are ready to move to the front line of defense of the DPR and LPR, if there is a real threat of their elimination. Some of them had already fought and returned back when the Minsk agreements were signed. There are various non-governmental organizations that help Donbass – they will also get involved. The same Cossacks, too, will not stand aside. A couple of years ago, they already threatened to oppose the Armed Forces of Ukraine if the war turns into a hot phase again.

But there is one caveat here. The LDNR servicemen are not militias of the 2014 model. Professional armies have been created in both republics. And how will they interact with the volunteers who will come in independent organized groups? This is where problems can arise.

“SP”: – Or maybe it is worth putting the question squarely to Erdogan? Is he crossing the red line? Already by the fact that it is arming Ukraine, it is clearly passing …

Lavrov already hinted at this. But, I repeat, there is nothing unusual in Ankara’s actions. She is playing an independent game in Ukraine. In addition, as practice shows, the more someone presses on Erdogan, the more he bends his line.

– WarGonzo – project Seeds Pegova – today it is the flagship of military journalism in Russia, – I am sure Andrey Dmitriev, editor of APN North-West

– Semyon’s red hair and beard were seen in the most dangerous places on the fronts of Donbass, Syria and Karabakh. He gets out unique information, regularly risking his life. And he has excellent insights, it has already happened more than once that his information, which was initially not believed, was later confirmed.

Therefore, I assume that the recruitment of “Barmaley” in Syria for the war with the Russians in the Donbass is quite possible.

First, they have a huge grudge against Russia for its participation in the Syrian conflict.

Secondly, the war in Karabakh is over, in Libya and in Syria itself, the hostilities are neither shaky nor shaky, and Donbass is potentially interesting as a new front for “holy jihad” and just a way to make money. Finally, thirdly, Kiev reacted with great enthusiasm to the victory of Baku in the war. And it was won with the direct support of Turkey and the militants it brought to the Caucasus.

Recently, the head of the Azerbaijani diaspora in Ukraine Hikmet Javadov He stated unequivocally that she needs the support of Turkey and the Turkic world for the coming “brilliant victory” over Russia and the return of Donbass. (Interestingly, does the Azerbaijani diaspora of the Russian Federation agree with this?) That is, all these are not speculative things, but a harsh political reality. Which must be taken into account by both the leadership of the people’s republics and the Russian General Staff.

Well, as for the kidalov for money in Karabakh – this is the fate of the Barmaley rabble. Except as cannon fodder, they are not needed by anyone and do not know how to do anything. Therefore, they will be thrown in Donbass on occasion. It is not for nothing that the glory of Ukrainian corruption is thundering around the world more than Russian …

* – Organizations banned in Russia

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