Sep 10, 2021
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Ordinary Ukrainian fascism

In Ukraine, in the village of Karpilovka, Rivne region, a monument to the UPA * militant (an extremist organization banned in the Russian Federation) Kuzma Brichka has appeared. According to the head of the Ukrainian Jewish Committee, Eduard Dolinsky, Brichka took part in the massacres of the peaceful Jewish and Polish population, took part in the destruction of Soviet partisans. Ukrainian nationalist resources admit that Brichka killed Soviet activists simply for organizing loan subscriptions among the population. Monument to Nazi Britschka. Photo: Facebook The erection of the monument to the Ukrainian Nazi Brichka is far from the only case of this kind. The process of glorification of the UPA militants, as well as the Abwehr and SS officers, takes on an avalanche-like character. The recent renaming of the Ternopil city stadium in honor of the UPA leader Roman Shukhevych turned into an international scandal. This event drew harsh criticism from Israel’s ambassador to Ukraine Yoel Lyon, and the Polish city of Zamoć broke off international cooperation with Ternopil and even stopped the joint implementation of the European grant. Critics of the renaming were outraged by the fact that Shukhevych served in the Abwehr special unit “Nachtigall” and in the punitive 201st battalion of the Schutzmanschaft, as well as the fact that he organized the massacres of the civilian Soviet and Polish population. In addition, the representatives of Israel remind that the militants of the “Nachtigal” battalion subordinate to Shukhevych took part in the Lvov Jewish pogrom of 1941. “Participation in the massacres of innocent fellow citizens because of their religion or nationality should serve as a basis for excluding the possibility of such a person becoming a national hero,” said the Simon Wiesenthal Center. However, official Kiev did not even bother to react to this. In Ternopil, a memorial plaque was also installed in honor of a policeman of the Schutzmanschaft and a militant of the SS Galicia division, SS Unterscharführer Maryan Lukasevich. Serving the Nazis, he, like Kuzma Brichka, participated in the massacres of Jews and Poles. A memorial plaque to Dmitry Miron was installed on the building of the Ukrainian National Opera in Kiev, who was the political leader of the Abwehr special unit “Roland” and, according to the testimony of a number of historians, during his service in the Nazi auxiliary police, he organized the massacres of Jews in Babi Yar. In the city of Vinniki (a suburb of Lviv), one of the streets is named after Yevhen Vretsiona, the organizer of the collaborationist Ukrainian militia. He commanded the murder of representatives of the Polish intelligentsia in the summer of 1941 and personally took part in the executions. In June of this year, the company of the guard of honor of the presidential regiment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine officially (and, of course, with the knowledge of Zelensky) held the funeral of Nazi collaborator, SS fighter Orest Vascul. “At one time, Vaskul stood on the SS guard of honor during the funeral of the German vice-governor Otto Bauer in Lvov, who was killed by Nikolai Kuznetsov. Vaskul served in the Bayersdorf group, fought against the Soviet partisans of Kovpak,” writes Eduard Dolinsky. In the village of Lanchin, Ivano-Frankivsk region, a street was named and a memorial plaque was installed on the children’s library in honor of another SS man – Vasily Kosyuk. To top it all, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine published the book “Taras Bulba-Borovets: We Can’t Stop Our Fight for a Minute”, dedicated to the Sonderfuehrer and commandant of the Nazi auxiliary police who led the massacres of Jews in 1941. Ukrainian policemen. Photo: “Wikipedia” A museum of Ivan Litvinchuk was opened in the village of Girka Polonka, Volyn region. Litvinchuk is an employee of the Hitlerite city council of the city of Sarny, one of the organizers of the Volyn massacre, who personally took part in the murders of hundreds of people, including small children. In Lviv, a memorial plaque was installed to Vladimir Schegelsky, who during the years of the Nazi occupation served as commandant of the auxiliary police in various settlements of Ukraine and Poland. He directed the murders of Jews and Poles. The list can be long. Monuments and memorial plaques are unveiled to the Nazis in Ukraine almost every day. Streets are renamed in their honor, museums are built, books are dedicated to them. From Poroshenko to Zelensky, this process took on an ever broader, more aggressive character. A former employee of Radio Liberty *** (recognized in Russia as a foreign agent) Alexander Orlov quotes one of his American mentors: “Ukraine needs a little of this“ National Socialism ”, otherwise they will not win. keep it in check and not let enemies call them fascists. ” Artist Igor Yaroshenok

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