Aug 9, 2022
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Order in the house: how to train yourself not to litter the apartment?

Order in the house: how to train yourself not to litter the apartment?

Everyone knows about the need to declutter, how important it is to once and for all throw trash out of the house and make room for more important things in your life. One woman recently successfully decluttered, but the effect did not last long. She writes: “After 7-8 months, I looked around me and realized that there was no trace of my decluttering: everywhere again incomprehensible unnecessary things. I have two children, so things arrive often and in large quantities: we buy something, friends give away … I came to the conclusion that simply decluttering is not enough. How to train yourself to maintain order in the house and not clutter it up again?

Briefly, the formula is:

  • very carefully filter everything that enters the house
  • organize and maintain order in what is already at home
  • regularly get rid of what loses its relevance or deteriorates

I think that each and every one who read this is now thinking: “Well, what a banality, it’s understandable anyway!” Indeed, these are obvious things, but in order to fulfill them, you need to be able to organize yourself well.

Today I want to share the secrets that helped me learn to maintain order in the apartment and not clutter it up – thanks to which I no longer need global clutter.

Organize your bag and wallet

During a day spent away from home, a real chaos can form in a bag (especially a woman’s bag) 🙂 Here there are advertisements, newspapers, discount coupons, wrappers from cookies bought and eaten on the way, etc. If the order in the bag still remains, look into the wallet: coupons from transport, receipts from purchases, flyers are accumulated here …

I advise you to clean up your bag every day after coming home, before that, taking out everything that is in it: throw away all unnecessary little things, enter the amounts from checks in a notebook for accounting for income and expenses, conveniently arrange bills in your wallet, etc. This is a very small step, but doing it every day helps to organize yourself against the trash and keep the house in order!

By the way, Marie Kondo, author of the bestselling book Magical Cleaning, advises emptying her bag at night – this way she will rest from the daily load.

Organize your bag every evening.

Organize cosmetics and skin care products – and keep them in order

Once you’ve organized your makeup (decide what you use and don’t use; throw away expired jars, etc.), keep it organized. Here are some tips that will come in handy:

As soon as a remedy runs out, immediately throw away empty vials. Many women keep empty jars – due to forgetfulness, for example.

  1. Do not let extra cosmetic and care products multiply – as a rule, you know what suits you. And also, if there are a lot of products of one direction (for example, face creams or lipsticks), something will definitely expire before you use it.
  2. Organize a single place for storing cosmetics, in extreme cases two: one for products such as shampoo-gel-cream, the other for decorative cosmetics.

For example, it is convenient for me to store all the care products in the bathroom, and the decor in the room, because I paint near the window. If you also, then arrange a single storage place for decorative cosmetics. It does not have to be a dressing table, not all women have it. You can organize a separate container for cosmetics, which will roam around the house with you if necessary – but all the cosmetics will be in it.

Order in the wardrobe

There are several rules here.

1. Before you hang a new thing in the closet, throw out the oldest

In a stricter version, this rule suggests throwing away the two oldest things when buying one new one. But this is suitable if you have just started to sort out your wardrobe and there are still a lot of unnecessary things. And if they have already reduced it to the limit, then it’s enough to get rid of one – the oldest. So the order in the wardrobe will be maintained by itself.

2. After arrival, immediately place clothes and accessories in the closet

Surely, you also had or have a habit of hanging things on the backs of armchairs and chairs, hanging them “for a minute” on the doorknob, etc. Don’t let clothes lie and hang around the house. Immediately hang things in the closet on a hanger, put them on a shelf (if the thing does not wrinkle), or throw them in a dirty laundry basket.

It’s the same with accessories: do your umbrellas, belts, bags, gloves have a specific storage space? Do not leave them in different places around the house, even if you are going to use them again tomorrow morning: clothes lying everywhere, like nothing else, create a feeling of clutter in the apartment.

By the way, sometimes replacing a “deaf” closed wardrobe with an open mobile rack for clothes helps to maintain order in the wardrobe.

3. Watch what you buy

A particular danger is to fall for the “buy 2 get 3” or “2 for the price of 1” type of sales. It is rare that something worthy is posted at such sales (it happens, but not often) – and only because of the favorable conditions it is easy to buy something that you would not have purchased in a calmer situation. Follow the link to read about the conscious formation of the wardrobe.

By the way, remember that many stores take the item back in its original condition within a certain time – check the period when buying. If you tried on a thing at home and still it didn’t suit you, take it to the store and hand it in (you will be refunded the full amount). For example, I had a chance to return a dress 2 days after purchase. Feel free to donate things that don’t fit – this will help keep your closet and house in general in order.

Do not take everything that is offered to you

Which of us hasn’t happened: a friend / mother / sister suggests – “You know, I have good things here, but not very necessary things – maybe you need something?” The good intention of the donor often turns into a disaster for the recipient 🙂 After all, if it’s free, hands are reaching out to take everything! There were situations with me when a thing seemed very, very necessary to me, and a week later I myself was looking for where to attach it … Do not have illusions: it rarely happens that things that are unnecessary to others will be needed by you. Filter carefully!

Order in papers

Everyone knows that documents need to be kept in order, and that it would be nice to have a separate folder for all warranty cards and receipts – for example, for equipment. And what to do with “papers” that are relevant for a very short period (checks for small purchases (for example, with a guarantee for 2 weeks or a month, as in the case of shoes), advertisements for discounts for the next week, to-do lists, printouts)? How to organize them and how to learn how to throw them away in time without littering the apartment with them?

At one time I was very annoyed by this problem: I found such “papers” in the most inappropriate places. Until recently, all this was needed, but there came a period of time when the “papers” lost their relevance, but remained lying all over the house. Moreover: it happened that I kept some kind of discount coupon specifically for going to a particular store, but remembered about it (or accidentally found it) only when its validity expired.

What to do? For anything that stays relevant for a short time (for example, 1 month), set aside a small space on the shelf (you can put everything in a file to maintain order). If you have a board where you attach your lists and plans, you can attach discount coupons and receipts that are relevant for this week (in case a small purchase that has a guarantee turns out to be defective) there.

Keeping your house in order is easier than you think.

Every week, don’t forget to look over this board and take out the trash. It’s even easier with lists: as soon as the last item is crossed out from it, immediately throw away the sheet.

What helps you keep your house in order? What anti-clutter secrets do you know and use? Feel free to leave comments – maybe your advice will help someone better organize their lives!

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